Thursday, 4 March 2021



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Well hasn't lockdown so far been an experience in itself?

I spent the whole of the first lockdown pregnant and the second was spent in hospital with a very premature baby. It's been a whirlwind to say the least but I'm not sure how I would have survived without loungewear.

It's safe to say I'm ready for the world to go back to normal, however my wardrobe will remain the same. I've become such a fan of loungewear. It's easy to throw on and has been  saviour with my ever changing body shape.

Shope my looks below:

I've always found getting dressed every day - even on the days you just want to watch Netflix on the sofa really helps with your mental health. However, that being said there is nothing worse than being uncomfortable around the house. These belted loungesets were perfect for my ever growing bump and now work really well even after being pregnant. They've definitely been a staple in my pre and post baby wardrobe!

Does anyone else feel like their whole wardrobe is now just loungewear or is it just me? Check out more of Femme Luxe's loungewear here

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Sunday, 24 January 2021


AD - I've recently started up my own business selling FM - more to come on that in another post but when starting up your own business with limited funds it can be difficult to get started up. With a brand like FM you have the ability to create your own 'look' your own brand and can personalise in anyway possible to create a business for yourself. However, you want to set up a brand but without spending too much money. I wanted to create business cards to compliment my brand but again didn't want to spend too much. After a quick search on Google I looked into various websites that I could create professional looking business cards. Google was my best friend as I couldn't believe all of the resources that literally just started popping up. It's so important to do your research before putting your brand out there as you want to ensure your branding and marketing will stand out - after all you want to sell your product ahead of the competitors!