Friday, 23 October 2020

Lifestyle | CBD for Sleep

Sleep... not an easy topic to talk about as it's something I like many have always suffered with. I never seem to switch off and struggle to get as much sleep as I probably need. It’s something I have struggled with for so many years. With life stresses, broken sleep pattern and a crazy work life balance I’ve muddled my way through many many years on little to no sleep. This year I decided enough was enough and this became my focus this year.

I'm always on the lookout for different sleep aids that will help me get that perfect amount of sleep and I think I may have found the winning combination. Now I’m not saying these tips will help everyone but anything is worth a try right? 

I've tried many lavender sprays and pillow mists but my now daily routine of a lavender bath paired with a pillow mist is the perfect combination. Lavender isn’t for everyone though and is a scent that doesn’t sit well with everyone’s taste.

There is also a rise in CBD to help aid sleep. CBD for Sleep has some great information on how CBD can help to get that perfect nights rest. There is so many benefits that CBD has that it goes without saying it's a must have for anyone, especially those struggling with sleep. This is how I’d first heard of CBD as someone who had always struggled with sleep this was recommended to me by so many people. I have to admit I was sceptical at first but after reading many other blogs realised it had so many benefits, many more than I ever imagined. 

We all know that anxiety can get worse due to lack of sleep and I couldn't recommend CBD enough to help aid that much needed rest and also calming of the mind. With today's society it's very difficult to switch off so to be able to unwind with a few drops of CBD either orally or even in the form of a bath bomb (yes they're even a thing if you don't like the idea of having the oil in your mouth!) and you can still reap all of the benefits of this magic ingredient.

If you’d like more information about CBD and further questions such as how much to use etc I found this blog super helpful CBD blog this blog answers a lot of the most frequently asked questions and provides much more information around CBD how it can be used and the benefits it can offer.

You may also find these blog posts I’ve written helpful to help aid sleep and a balanced lifestyle:

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Both these posts may help you to relax which is the single most important thing when trying to focus on a sleep journey. With the combinations above and a simple more stress free life this should aid a much better nights sleep.

Have you tried CBD? If so let me know in the comments how it has helped you.


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