Sunday, 27 January 2019

Lifestyle | Bullying, Jealousy and more open letter

Most of you may have noticed I vanished off the face of the earth for nearly two months with the blog and more recently came off social media all together. It was a tough decision and one that broke my heart. I've honestly received some of the most thoughtful messages and I just wanted to say thank you. It was a reminder to me the reasons why I do what I do. 

And here is why....

Dear haters,

I will give you only a minute of my time to address this issue and then we shall move on but I feel it's important you hear my side of the story.

Jealousy will get you no where. I may have removed myself from the internet for a short while but like most things in life that was temporary. Your toxic views and energy were not needed around me but guess what? You didn't win, you didn't get a bigger pay check, you didn't get the dream body, or the bigger house but what did you do for me well let me explain....

Every time you click on my photos, my blog posts, my links you are in fact creating that bigger pay check for me, you are in fact giving a chance to buy that bigger house and you are in turn motivating me to continuing striving for that dream body. So who is the real winner? Me. 

You may be older but are you really wiser? Not really. Grown adults should be able to support and look at each other not with jealousy but with the motivation and drive to make themselves a better person. Dimming someone else's light doesn't make yours any brighter so why do it? 

So keep clicking on my profile, keep talking about me because you're doing me a favour, you're promoting me without me having to spend a penny! Which other bloggers out there know is actually quite expensive so thank you!

Always do you boo x

So from now on I will only be bigger and better and once again thank you for all of your support!


  1. Your age actually does not matter. You can be 40 but you are still too small. While young people struggle to achieve more.

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