Tuesday 18 December 2018

Dating | New Year, new profile?

New year goals...what does that include? I know for one mine is to update my dating profile and to hopefully get back into the swing of dating again.

The importance of a good dating profile was made so apparent today. I was sat discussing dating profiles and photos with my single friend. He had started speaking with a girl online - met through a dating site and all was going really well. They had arranged to meet and as with any other singleton decided it would be best to stalk the social media pages. This is where trouble set in, her photos were completely different! It's really important when setting up dating profiles that all of your information, along with your photos are accurate and are actually you. We all know everyone only wants to be seen in their best angles but this can cause trouble when photos are over edited and look nothing alike who you actually are.

When internet dating it's so important to have checklists to hand to start to see which hobbies, interests, life goals or even common places that you have in common. Remember websites that specifically match you with dates in your area such as Norfolk dating can help to already match some of those items on your checklist before you even begin. I've dated from numerous different regions but it's safe to say I find it so much easier when you already share common ground and live in close proximity to each other, especially with busy working schedules now.

We've all seen those profiles where the photos are about 10 years old so don't be that person with an out of date profile! New Year, new profile. Take the time to update your interests, most people change hobbies, careers even the colour of your hair so make sure every month make it your mission to update at least one part of your profile these will then mean no shock surprises when you do go on that all important date!

There is a lot of taboo around meeting someone online and back when I first started dating it was pretty much frowned upon, you'd tend to keep it more secretive and both not want to admit that's how you'd met but I can't understand why. We've all become more digitally minded, we work more, party less so how else are we supposed to meet people? I'd often have amazing conversations with people on the commute and then meet up for a drink after work.

Dating is hard and we put so much pressure on ourselves as to what society expects to happen but in reality dating is definitely moving more online so for me it's a massive benefit 

It's safe to say I'll be continuing on my road of dating and will continue to hunt down the perfect man for me (quite literally!) So for me the main starting point is to put myself back on the dating sites with updated photos and information. What are your goals for 2019? Did you meet all your goals for 2018?

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