Wednesday 19 December 2018

Dating | Back on online dating, but does it work?

Another day another dating update, these are coming more regularly now but I kinda like it. I kinda like being able to look back at my datings dramas, tips and of course what to do better next time!

I'd given up with the idea of meeting prince charming in a bar and him sweeping me off my feet so I looked towards online dating. At this point I'd have tried anything! Now when I went online there wasn't as many online dating sites as there are now. They even have age and location specific sites such as Yorkshire dating. I think this is amazing at already finding common ground with hobbies, favourite places and being from a similar area definitely makes it much easier (don't be like me dating someone from two hours away who it later turned out had a whole other life and family back home - more on that at a later date) So to have these specific sites definitely makes those first dates much easier. Maybe you could both go to your favourite bars - this is another of my make or break dates ;)

I've recently pushed myself back online - I've tried the dating in the real world just recently and meeting someone through work - big mistake, knew it would be before I even began but if there's one thing I'll give anything try at least once. So it was time to broaden the search and get back online. Along with all the local sites I'm back on Tinder - what an interesting platform that's been to say the least, being compared to a toe and then asked if I could be their dinner partner at events for £500 a night - not sure what that says about my profile in all honesty?!

Both with local sites and Tinder it lets you set the location, lets you take control of the distance - something again which is really important to me. I want someone who is close by, who is local and who is already familiar with the area. This helps when making both of you feel comfortable when first going on dates and being around familiar places really helps putting you at ease, especially when meeting someone for the first time from a website! (don't forget though always tell as many people as possible where you are and don't forget to bob off to the toilets to update them!) 

Dating is hard and we put so much pressure on ourselves as to what society expects to happen but in reality dating is definitely moving more online so for me it's a massive benefit 

It's safe to say I'll be continuing on my road of dating and will continue to hunt down the perfect man for me (quite literally!) So for me the main starting point is to put myself back on the dating sites with updated photos and information. What are your goals for 2019? Did you meet all your goals for 2018?

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