Tuesday 23 October 2018

Lifestyle | Three Quick Tips To Beat The Fall Blues

Falling leaves, falling mood? Image licensed under Creative Commons.

There's so much to love about fall - from fabulous fashion with cute coats and awesome ankle boots to cozy evenings in and the beauty of the leaves on the trees. However, it's also very natural to experience a bit of slump around this time of year also. With the evenings getting shorter and the temperature dropping, mentally and physically we can lose our glow.

Why Does It Happen?

Feeling low on energy, in a restless or discontent mood? Skin, hair and nails all looking a bit dull? If you were wondering why, it's all connected to the seasonal changes we experience as summer gives way to fall. On a chemical level, the reduced sunlight causes our brains to produce less melatonin, a hormone that gives us a sense of wellbeing and helps to regulate our sleep. This adjustment in our sleeping patterns and low mood can be down to seasonal affective disorder. The change in our diets can also contribute to fall blues. If you were eating plenty of lean, grilled meats, fish and salad during the summer, a change to stodgier comfort foods when the mercury drops can easily lead to you missing important nutrients and feeling lethargic and bloated. You may also be exercising less due to the darker mornings, feeding into a cycle of tiredness. The drop in temperature and use of heating, combined with a lack of nutrients and skipping the oxygen boost that regular exercise brings can lead to that sallow skin and lank, lifeless hair you've noticed too.

Your Action Plan

A few simple steps are really all it takes to boost yourself back up and get a fall glow you can be proud of.

  • Get Some Sunshine - Not seeing the sun all day can cause a deficiency of Vitamin D, causing that feeling of fatigue. Open up blinds or curtains the moment you wake up to kick start your brain, and try to fit in a brisk walk outdoors at lunchtime to soak up some rays. Or it could be the perfect excuse for a sunshine break somewhere warmer.
  • Try Adding Some Juice - If heavier meals are making you sluggish and bloated, why not try juicing? It's a great way to pack in more fresh produce, especially if you use a powdered superfood supplement to add extra oomph. Adding green juices with components like kale, spinach, melon, mint, spirulina and turmeric can really perk up your energy levels, plus makes a super easy on the go breakfast.
  • Sort Out Your Skin - when your skin is dry and dull, you never feel at your best. Book into a skin rejuvenation clinic to get back to your best with a treatment or two. Add a gentle chemical exfoliating treatment into your night time skincare regimen, along with an antioxidant serum to repair damage from pollutants and other free radicals, and if you need an extra moisture hit, a rich natural oil like rosehip or coconut will condition skin while you sleep.


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