Tuesday 16 October 2018

Lifestyle | Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends

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If it was good enough for the Beatles, it’s probably good enough for you...

The journey of life is a personal adventure, and you need to take responsibility for your actions. Nonetheless, there’s no need to face the battle alone. In reality, the support of friends and family can make all the difference as you bid to regain control of your life.

Here are just five ways in which they can support your cause.

Physical Health

Taking care of your body is a personal responsibility. Unfortunately, finding the motivation to do it can be the most challenging aspect of all. Honestly, your friends can be the secret weapon.

Teaming up with friends to play netball or football can work wonders. Alternatively, you can hit group fitness classes together or train together for a charity event. Another option is to use a fitness App and use each other as competition.

Injecting a sense of fun and competitiveness is crucial, and your friends are the best way to do it.

Mental Health

In addition to aiding your physical health, your friends can be a huge asset towards maintaining your mental health. And not only because they help fight the threat of loneliness.

There are a number of habits that can aid your mental health. Most crucially, though, you need to remember that a problem shared is a problem halved. Furthermore, friends and family can often offer advice based on their experiences.

If nothing else, the emotional comfort of knowing that there are people around you can be hugely rewarding.

Financial Health

Keeping your finances in good health will have a telling impact on your life, not least because money worries are a huge source of stress.

While you may not want to explicitly as friends or family to lend money, they can still help. If you know who can be a guarantor, this info can help you borrow money even when credit scores are low. This can, therefore, be your safety net when funds get tight.

Alternatively, you can ask them to provide support with regards to budgeting and financial management.

Career Advice

Sometimes in business, it’s who you know that matters. So, if you’re lucky, it’s possible that friends and family can find vacancies or put in a good word for you.

Their potential help doesn’t end there, though. We all have different skills and weaknesses in life. From helping you write a CV to completing an application or dressing to impress, friends are there to help. Or maybe they’ll simply provide some useful advice when you have various options on the table.

Just remember that you should return the favour by supporting them when they need support.

Relationship Help

Friends and family want to see that you’re happy. Knowing that you’re in a winning relationship is subsequently something that will give them huge comfort.

They can provide support in many ways, including babysitting hen you want to arrange a date with your partner. However, they can often see the signs of a bad relationship far sooner than you will too. This may enable you to see when it’s right to walk away – although it hopefully won’t come to that.

The best friends will be there for you through thick and thin. Make sure that you embrace the love. After all, it’s all you need.

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