Monday, 1 October 2018

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Another month goes by and the dating saga continues...

Dating get more and more difficult as we get older and I've often given up. When I was younger it was easer to meet people, more people wanted to date and it was actually fun. Now however it's complicated, people don't want to date and it's by no means as fun as it used to be! I've mentioned before I've been dating over the past five years and I've seen how much the dating world has changed in that period.

I've spoken a lot recently about my dating journey (and disasters) recently as I feel not many speak about it outside of our friendship groups. I wanted to know how other people met, was it normal some of the things I'd come across and just to understand how to date again.

I'd given up with the idea of meeting prince charming in a bar and him sweeping me off my feet so I looked towards online dating. At this point I'd have tried anything! Now when I went online there wasn't as many online dating sites as there are now. They even have age and location specific sites such as senior datingLeeds dating and Cornwall dating. I think this is amazing at already finding common ground with hobbies, favourite places and being from a similar area definitely makes it much easier (don't be like me dating someone from two hours away who it later turned out had a whole other life and family back home - more on that at a later date) So to have these specific sites definitely makes those first dates much easier. Maybe you could both go to your favourite bars - this is another of my make or break dates ;)

To start off with common grounds also takes the scare element out of it for me. To already feel comfortable in my surroundings, already know the place I'm meeting etc makes it much less daunting to go in the first place. You hear so many dating horror stories so knowing the place before hand definitely takes that out of the equation. 

There is a lot of taboo around meeting someone online and back when I first started dating it was pretty much frowned upon, you'd tend to keep it more secretive and both not want to admit that's how you'd met but I can't understand why. We've all become more digitally minded, we work more, party less so how else are we supposed to meet people? I'd often have amazing conversations with people on the commute and then meet up for a drink after work.

Dating is hard and we put so much pressure on ourselves as to what society expects to happen but in reality dating is definitely moving more online so for me it's a massive benefit to having specific sites such as senior dating sites

How did you meet your partner? Did you meet online, if so what site did you find the best?

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