Tuesday 18 September 2018

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7 Tips for Setting up a Home Spa

Technology continuously advances and makes almost everything fast-paced and instantly accessible.  This makes it possible for you to handle multiple tasks whether at work or at home.  You are able to engage in a number of gainful activities even within the confines of your home that allow you professional satisfaction and financial freedom. Handling multiple responsibilities to improve your economic situation, however, can be exacting and comes at the expense of your well-being.

Without even realising it, you push harder than your body and mind can take.  You must realise that everything done in excess of your limits is bad for you and your health.  When you subject yourself to too much pressure and stress, toxins invade your body and cause illness.  Thus, you need time to destress and detoxify so that your body and mind can get the chance to recharge and reinvigorate.
Take time to relax and smell the flowers
You work hard to keep your job, qualify for a promotion, or get a raise.  At home, you wake up early and retire late at night to keep it clean and well-maintained.  You do it while taking care of the needs of your children and your spouse.  You are practically working round the clock with hardly a time to pause for a break, more so for a vacation.
Whatever task you are engaged in, you must remember to take care of yourself.  Stop and smell the flowers as they say. 
Benefits of a wonderful spa experience
If you cannot have a vacation, take time for self-indulgence like visiting a spa.  A wonderful spa experience would help refresh your body, ease your mind away from too much tension, and enliven your nerves.
A short time having a little pampering at a spa can do wonders to you physically, mentally, and even emotionally.
Tips for setting up a home spa

You don’t even have to go to a fitness and wellness centre to indulge in a spa.  In fact, you can set up your own home spa. With a little investment, lots of imagination, creativity and resourcefulness, you can create a luxurious home spa that would benefit not only you, but also your whole family, and friends.  You may also want to invite your neighbours in.
The following are some tips on how to set up your own home spa:
1. Buy a blow up spa
While you may have the fund for a built-in spa in your bathroom or any designated space for relaxation at home, you may want to lean on the practical side.  You can opt for an inflatable or blow up spa. Choose an ideal size based on who is going to use it.  If it is for your and your partner’s exclusive use, you can buy a moderately sized one.  If you have children, you can buy one that can accommodate four to six people.  You can even set spa bonding sessions with your friends.
2. Choose an ideal place
Decide on the location of your spa. This is not a permanent fixture; hence, the location may vary depending on the season. As you will be using water, the ideal place to set it up is your bathroom and you can use it even during winter.  However, if you have limited bathroom space, you can set it up elsewhere.  
In summer, you can set up your inflatable spa outdoors: in your shaded garden, a closed-in gazebo where you can put potted plants as added decoration to induce the right mood, or even in your garage.  
3. Set up an audio system
Set up an audio system so that you can arrange to play soothing music. A melodious sound can calm your nerves and relax your senses. Music can be therapeutic.
4. Set up appropriate lighting
You can install lighting system that can be dimmed to suit the relaxed mode you want to achieve in your spa room. You can also use candles, preferably aromatic ones that can also have a soothing effect.  Of course, if you are using your spa outdoors and during daytime, you may not need lighting.  However, if you are having a spa session at night, lights whether from artificial or real candles can bolster the romantic ambiance.
5. Stock up on quality spa products and treatments
Use aromatic oils, bath salts, and bubbles that have healing effects such as those that contain organic minerals and herbs.  They would help reenergize your tired body and ease the tension from your muscles.
6. Invest in thick towels
Amongst the things that would stick in your memory from a spa experience are the plushy, fluffy cotton towels. Add an authentic touch to your home spa by buying thick towels.  You can also buy a nice terry robe in your favourite colour, although white would definitely look and feel blissful.
7. Set time for regular spa
Now that you have set up your home spa, what is left to decide on is when to do it. You can set up a regular time, once a week, once a month, during holiday breaks, or anytime you want. Make sure that you eliminate or avoid distractions for a truly enjoyable spa session whether you do it alone, with your partner, or with a friend.  
Want an Inflatable spa?
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