Friday, 10 August 2018

Travel | London | Where To Eat?

London, a big city and lots of places to eat but where to start? I’m a foodie, I love to travel around and try out different places to eat and drink. The way to my heart is certainly through good food. I recently visited London and the one thing I planned months in advance was where was I going to eat? A girl must plan these Instagram images, doesn’t she? Planning is key when travelling even if it is in your home country. I’m a sucker for planning any visit so here’s what I do:

I always trawl through other bloggers Instagram feeds to try and find the most aesthetically pleasing places to eat as well as then being able to research if I can actually eat there. Being gluten-free is often difficult and being in a city where it moves to fast it can mean early planning does help take the stress away.

Every time I visit London I always try and visit somewhere new. I hate going all that way and visiting the same places so it’s a little bit of a mission o try and visit somewhere new every single time. There are so many amazing places to visit in London it’s just trying to find them that’s the problem.

I found Squaremeal was perfect in searching for all the wonderful places to eat that would meet everyone’s needs! There are some amazing restaurants and bars on there and I’m already planning my next visit! One Aldwych is definitely on my hit list next, it’s both fitting for my gram theme and they do candy floss cocktails – that’s me sold instantly.

I had seen so many bloggers visiting the Tea Terrace at House of Fraser and I just had to go. It’s a bloggers dream. Who doesn’t want to visit Cinderella’s carriage and have afternoon tea? I said we were going for the little one but in fact, it was mainly for me. The café itself is absolutely beautiful, not only with the carriages but the whole décor of the café itself. The food is beautiful and winner – they do gluten free afternoon tea! The lighting is a bloggers dream, marble tables, princess carriages and an amazing décor, what more could a blogger ever dream of? The great thing is you don’t have to book as the café has adequate seating so if you’re visiting London you need to pay it a visit! The carriage itself is quite expensive and for what you get I didn’t think it was really worth it, I did think they should take away the high price points in order to use the carriage but as a special treat it would be a nice little treat. It definitely surprised me that all that effort went into a department store café and changed my opinion to visit them in the future. Who says you need all these fancy restaurants to enjoy that ‘gram’ lifestyle?

Where have you tried out and how do you plan your visits to the big city?

*Collaboration post but as always views are my own*

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