Monday 27 August 2018


Buying gifts can be a relatively complex process. You tend to spend extended periods of time puzzling over what to get. However, once you find the perfect gift, you won’t be able to wait to hand it over and see the smile on the face of the recipient. So, to make the process as simple as possible for you, here are a few different occasions where you might find yourself buying gifts, along with a few different ideas to guide you in the right direction!

Wednesday 15 August 2018


So you want to be able to have the life that you desire? But in order to do that, you need to make sure that your finances are in order. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your have to be in a bad financial situation in the first place. But it does mean that you have to get a little bit smarter with your money. When you think about the future, it’s likely that there are going to be things that you want to achieve. But those things won’t just come to you. You have to take steps towards making them happen. Sometimes, you really need to get your life together in the process too. So let’s take a look at how you can be a complete girl boss about it and really start to organize your finances.

1. Knowing What You Spend

This is all going to start with tracking your spending. Even if you think you’re pretty good with money and that you never spend anything, that may not necessarily be true. And you really do need to start tracking what you spend in order to do that. So think about watching your bank account and keeping your receipts so that you’re fully aware of your current financial situation.

2. Nail Your Bills

At the same time, you also have to make sure that you’re really great with paying your bills. And not only that, but that you’re able to afford your bills too. Something that can help you here, is knowing what set payments you need to make each month and when. Whether we’re talking instalment loans, your phone bill, your car payments, or anything else, write down all of your bills and know when you need to pay what. Then work on seeing if you can reduce this is any way.

3. Start To Budget

Next up, you need to budget better. So think about creating a budgeting sheet that allows you to allocate funds to each area of your life, and then track what you’re spending too. This is the fastest way to actually get control of your finances.

4. Spend Smart

Then, as you are spending money in life, just be careful. Make sure that you eliminate impulse purchases and that you’re looking for the best deals to make your money go further. Remember, you want good finances habits that will help you to be secure in life.

5. Work Towards Your Goals

Then, you’re going to want to start working towards your goals. Whether you want to buy a new car, start a business, go on holiday, or even buy a house if you’ve haven’t already, you can get your finances in life to make that happen. You’ve already got a better control over your spending, and you’re starting to budget well - so just add in a ‘goals’ section to what you’re already doing. Then, you can start moving some money over into your savings to actually have the money available for what you want to do, whether that’s in the short term or in the future.

Friday 10 August 2018


London, a big city and lots of places to eat but where to start? I’m a foodie, I love to travel around and try out different places to eat and drink. The way to my heart is certainly through good food. I recently visited London and the one thing I planned months in advance was where was I going to eat? A girl must plan these Instagram images, doesn’t she? Planning is key when travelling even if it is in your home country. I’m a sucker for planning any visit so here’s what I do:

Wednesday 8 August 2018


Some people like being messy and unorganised in their lives; it’s part of their “aesthetic”. Most of us, however, don’t make the conscious decision to lead messy lives. We all want to get our lives together, whether that entails going to the gym like we promised ourselves or even cutting down on the amount we drink. But the great thing about resolutions is that you can make them at any time of the year. You don’t have to wait until January. You have the power to change at any moment in your life. If that isn’t motivational enough to inspire you then maybe these pieces of advice will help.

Tuesday 7 August 2018

How many times this week have you watched TV, read a magazine or overheard someone in your favourite coffee shop raving about the latest superfood? The bombardment of food crazes can be overwhelming especially when you are trying your best to maintain a nutritious and healthy diet. If you are trying to shift a few pounds or you don’t have the most positive body image, it can be tough to try and navigate your way around food. Whereas your pals might be able to eat whatever they want and never put on an ounce, you only have to look at a cube of chocolate, and you can feel your hips widening. It’s time to address your relationship with food and forge a more positive relationship with your diet.

Sunday 5 August 2018

You may remember my last dating post where I briefly touched on marital affair and no strings attached dating. It got me thinking about Love Island and how the approach to dating has changed over the past few years. Could this be the Love Island curse?

Being single for quite a few years I wouldn't say I was an expert when it comes to dating but I have been single long enough to notice these changes, both good and bad I may add! I've tried a lot of different dating types. As mentioned previously I love the whole no strings dating as long as that is set out from the very beginning and is something you both want. I myself have benefited from this and I absolutely swear by it when newly becoming single it helps build confidence and also find yourself again. The trouble lies when people become so disposable. This is where Love Island comes into play. A new cast members comes in who 'on paper' is more their type and boom re-coupling happens and the original person is left stood there with no regard to how they may be feeling, something I don't see happening too often on the outside (maybe me being naive I'm not sure?) 

It makes me question are they there to find love? Finding someone compatible to us is hard enough but do we disregard others feeling on this quest? Do we really take into account others feelings? I find when watching Love Island it's quite easy to see this no strings attached dating approach from some contestants until they find that person they spark with, but what I don't agree on is are we forcing these people to find love? Is that not something we can put a label on in such a short amount of time?

Don't get me wrong I'm the biggest fan of Love Island and I watched it every single night religiously but is this really effecting our approach to dating? Are we losing touch with what is no strings attached and what is love? Some couples you see from the start blossom into really healthy relationships and then others you see them kind of stepping on people to get to the final, all to get that money, to get fame. It does spark some really big questions as to is the Love Island effect a curse of it's own success? 

I've been very lucky in my experience but I think the key to this form dating is honesty. You both need to set out knowing the expectations and what to expect in the long run. It's not for everyone I admit but for me I really think this helped in finding out where I wanted to go in my dating journey.

What is your approach to dating, how did you meet your other half? And is Love Island a curse or a blessing? Have you ever tried no strings attached dating?

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