Monday 23 July 2018

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So as you all know I've recently moved house and these past 8 months have absolutely flown by. Home improvements, homeware and even cleaning ave become an obsession. I've been very lucky when moving as I moved into a brand new home so it's been very easy to put a stamp in my own kind of way, that's one of the great things with a new build they are like a blank canvas. I'm still a very long way off where I'd like by house to be but that's the beauty of home renovation it's a journey not a race.

Now I'm not going to say I'm an expect on any form of home improvement but that's the beauty of it isn't it? It's something we can learn as we go (and potentially make a lot of mistakes along the way!) I'm always reading blogs, watching Youtube, obsessing over home accounts on Instagram and I take inspiration from everywhere. I find this way you can really find a good mix of designs and explore options you wouldn't have thought of yourself.

Whilst I love the new builds and how, well blank they are I also love houses with a little hint of character. One thing I've recently fallen in love with is traditional sash windows They look both modern yet add a lot of character to a home. I love when a modern home has a slight traditional edge to it. For me windows are so important as they are what you notice along with your front door as soon as you walk up to the front of your house. I also love the idea of having windows that you can slide all the way up to allow in lots of fresh air. I'm a big fan of roller blinds too which work really well with these style of windows allowing as much natural light to beam into the rooms as physically possible.

As I mentioned light is so important for me and it's the one thing that sold my current house to me, the more light, the bigger the room appears. For me I've always wanted a big open plan kitchen/ dining area and would love a massive island. The kitchen for me is the heart of the home. It's where the family all congregate and where you (well I know I do) spend most of my time. Adding in windows to a kitchen can be very difficult with all the cupboards on the walls etc but I'd love a big open plan extension to the rear of the house, just single plan and then adding in slim roof lantern windows to the roof. These let in so much light without taking up valuable wall space. The perfect example of my dream kitchen would be Inside the Whitehouse. Her home is beautiful and if you don't already follow her on Instagram you need to! She's a massive inspiration to my home journey (and she's also absolutely hilarious!)

What home improvements would you make and where do you find your inspiration for your home journey and decor?

*Collaborative post but as always views are my own*


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