Monday 23 July 2018

Fashion | Wedding and Prom season

So I'm sure everyone is already aware that the Summer holidays are upon us, schools have kicked out, exams are finished and prom season is now underway. Proms and weddings are two of the most difficult occasions I find to dress for. It's not everyday you need to do Hollywood glamour! It doesn't help especially with weddings all the rules and unwritten no go's that every guest must abide by. I have two very simple tips which I think may help as a starting point to point you in the right direction of smashing any event you may be attending over the next few weeks!

When you look around all the department stores you can tell these events are approaching and there is so many dresses and outfits to choose from. I remember back when I had my prom, albeit it was 12 years ago (wow that feels like a lifetime now!) there was literally only a small number of styles to choose from, so much so that the dress I had in mind (I've always known what I like and what I don't and have always known pretty much how to dress for my shape from a fairly young age) wasn't available to buy anywhere. I dragged my Mum from here there and everywhere and she was adamant why didn't I just pick another style that would be much easier to get hold of. That wasn't going to happen I had an idea and I was running with it. Luckily my Mum's friend was actually a dress maker so once I'd tracked down that particular pattern, the material I wanted off she set to work in what was my dream prom dress. Looking back now it was nothing fancy, nothing over the top, very plain, very simple but very elegant.

There was much less online shopping then so it was really difficult to try and find the dress I had in mind but now there is so many options online which makes dressing for these rather stressful occasions much more simple. My favourite tool I've come across is a prom dress finder. check it out here. Give it a go and let me know how you get on! Click here

It's not just prom dresses which can be difficult weddings are equally a hard event to attend and one where in fact you will be photographed A LOT! Which can add extra pressure when finding that perfect dress. I do find actually looking through wedding photos can be a massive help in finding out what is acceptable to wear and also what is kind of on trend for weddings, as hell you'd be super brave to show up in any old runway outfit and expect the mother of the bride to just accept it. You need to be fashionable yet understated but yet don't blend into the crowd. Got it? No, I don't blame you either it's a mind field out there so follow my simple tip. Check out other people's wedding photos and you'll be surprised with how much inspiration one photo album can come up with! 

*Collab post but as always views are my own*


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