Tuesday 24 July 2018

Dating | No Strings Dating....is it worth it?

As I mentioned in my last post I'm starting a new series of dating blogs on my blog. I've been single now around 4 years and it's safe to say dating has definitely changed since I was younger. It's much more difficult but also in a way feel like women do have a lot more control of dating.

There has been so much scandal around no strings attached as such, especially since it came to light around marital affair. But that's not to say no strings dating is a bad thing. I actively encourage it if I'm honest. I think it's s important when coming out of a relationship to date casually. To be able to take yourself back to the very beginning and to find out what you really like in a person. What you're really looking for and to be able to date different types of people from all different backgrounds and walks of life, without ever needing to worry about am I going to marry this person?

Admittedly I am the worst when it comes to putting pressure on myself when it comes to dating. I had always put pressure on timings. I thought by the age of 25 I would be married, settled down with children but in reality that didn't happen. I thought I had found the person I was going to share all that with but that didn't work out and if there's one thing I'm grateful it didn't. We weren't compatible and looking back I can see that now I was just caught up in wanting to make it work so bad that it wasn't ever going to work.

That's when I realised I needed to take the pressure off. I needed to date but casually. I've got to admit this was the best decision I've ever made and continue to stand by it. I'm not saying you should go out and sleep with a load of absolutely random people as I don't believe that's the sensible thing to do but be honest with yourself and be honest with those you're dating to. Get to know new people, get to know people who aren't your type as such and see where things can take you. I've met some amazing people in these past 4 years, some that fizzled out and didn't work on a romantic level but who have become some of my best friends. Friends I can really rely and friends that I now call family. Since taking the pressure off myself it's really opened my eyes to what is out there in the world.

I'm happy in the way my new dating approach is going and who knows where it will take me. But for now I'll be sticking to not taking my romantic life so seriously and enjoying all the fun whilst I'm still young. We don't need to all be married before 30. We are all taking a different journey in life and doing it at our own pace. You do you boo!

What is your approach to dating?

*Collab post but as always views are my own*


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