Tuesday 19 June 2018


Want to add to your travel experience by staying somewhere a little different? Here are a few alternative types of accommodation you could try on your next trip away.

Book a hostel

Hostels are ideal places for solo travellers on a budget. You don’t get much in the way of luxuries and you may have to share a room with a stranger, however, it’s ideal if all you want is a bed for the night. A good hostel will have a strong wi-fi connection, clean bathroom facilities and even some leisure amenities such as a bar. Hostel staff usually have a good local knowledge and are great people to talk to for finding out the best things to do in the area on the cheap. You’ll also meet many other travellers in hostels who you may be able to buddy up with.

Stay with a local family

For a true taste of what it’s like to live in another country, homestay accommodation is an exciting and affordable option. This allows you to rent out a room in a local family’s home – you get to enjoy free home-cooked meals every evening and you can learn about the local customs and traditions from the family members. It could also be a great chance to learn another language such as these Italian exchange experiences. You could even work as an au pair and make some money in return for doing a few household chores or doing some babysitting.

Rent a villa

For a more luxury vacation, you could always try renting a villa. This is ideal for families and large groups of friends, giving you your own private space to enjoy. Some holiday homes such as these holiday rental villas in Bali come with beachfront positions and private pools. You can cook your own meals and host your own parties.

Bring a tent

Camping isn’t for everyone, but for those that do enjoy the thrill of it, this could be a cheap and convenient way of exploring a new country. You can stay in campsites or you can try a bit of wild camping (it will cost you nothing). Camping is better suited to rural destinations – you’re probably not going to want to camp out in a city. That said, many cities do have campsites on the outskirts, which could be a cheap place to base yourself whilst spending each day going into the city and seeing the sights.

Live out of a van

Another option could be to buy or rent a camper van, giving you the option to combine transport and accommodation. You can journey wherever you like, park up for the night and sleep. Motorhomes offer a more luxurious form of travelling whilst there are smaller camper vans for those on a budget. You’ll probably want to park up in campsites and service stations where you’ll have access to bathroom facilities if you need them.

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