Thursday 3 May 2018

Fashion | Avoiding Fashion Faux Pas Online

Fashionistas want to look as good as humanly possible at all times. Whether it’s in the club, on the high street or in the gym, there is no better feeling than turning heads. And, let’s face facts and admit that it’s pretty thrilling whether it’s a glance from a guy or a girl! Committing to the lifestyle is a lot harder than it seems, and that’s why online shopping is a saving grace. Popping online and perusing ASOS kills two birds with one stone as a time-saver that focuses on style.

Still, there is a problem. In fact, there are quite a few regarding online shopping which is why some ladies prefer to stick to in-store. For those who haven’t got the time, here’s how to avoid the faux pas.

Check For Reputation

If there isn’t one, then it’s time to say sayonara, sucker. The biggest issue with eCommerce sites is the accessibility of scammers. Quite simply, it’s easier for fraudsters to take your money without giving anything back in return. Sadly, this will always be the case because the internet is almost impossible to regulate fully. Therefore, you have to take precautions. To begin with, check the green icon bar in the URL to ensure the connection is safe. Then, look for reviews and feedback.

Study The Images

Because you never know what the finished article is going to look like, photos are essential. Opals Australia uses them to perfection because they want to increase sales. But, please don’t take them lightly. How can anyone do this when shopping online? The answer is by glossing over the picture and not hovering over the image or zooming in. A trick online that retailers use is to upload photos that are low in quality to hide flaws. This happens a lot on eBay and Amazon. So, you have to fight back by examining the item in fine detail. Never, ever trust sites that use stills which are pixelated.

Be Wary Of Shipping

One of the great things about eCommerce sites is the price. Usually, the gear online is *cheaper than in-store. But, suddenly, you come to the checkout and the price has jumped. Why? What is happening? Ah, it’s the delivery costs. Well, you need the clothes so you’re going to have to pay. If you agreed with the last sentence, it’s time for a change of attitude. Nowadays, companies have free services that take longer but are 100% cheaper. It’s a no-brainer. Or, Shopify can reduce the costs.

*This isn’t always the case so keep an eye on the shop for the best results.

And Return Policy

By law, everything in this country can be returned after a maximum of 28 days. However, companies do have an input. For example, they can refuse a refund if they think the quality has been impacted. Hygiene products – underwear, etc., - are non-refundable if the strip has been removed. The only way to know this is to read and reread the policy beforehand.

Have you been caught out shopping online before? Would the above have helped?

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