Sunday 13 May 2018

Beauty | My New Hair

I was recently invited into the gorgeous Mode Salon in Chester to meet with Martyna. We all know I've always struggled with unruly and to be honest hair I've never really loved. That was until the day I met the hair queen!

I've worn hair extensions for many many years - for one reason alone, for volume and in a sense that created a bit of a comfort blanket. I've never really come across a hair dressers who understand that. I've always asked for a cut that will add volume and some real umph. My hair has always been fairly long but flat, dull and a little lifeless. It felt thin and I was just never happy with it.

The Mode Salon is absolutely beautiful. Modern, clean and so relaxing to be in. Martyna was beyond welcoming - even for someone as I confess to being a hairdressers worst nightmare. Martyna sat down with me felt the texture of my hair and talked about possible options. I left her in control and let her do with my hair as she pleased, for someone I'd only known for a very short amount of time I trusted her...something I've later realised was the best decision I'd made and truly know that feeling when you've found "the one" (hairdresser that is!) 

After a discussion about what I normally do with my hair, how I style it and the end result I was looking for Martyna then washed my hair, and I've got to say it was the most relaxing hair wash I've ever had in my life....I could have very easily fell asleep. Then came the cutting. Martyna let me know she wouldn't cut too much off the length just the split ends and tidy it all up. Freshen up the very old layers I had to help keep the volume. As she was drying the hair you could really see the volume building and the life was really being brought back to life.

Martyna finished off my hair by adding soft curls using the ghds and I walked out of the salon feeling a million dollars. I've never really had a blunter cut but I've noticed the difference massively. The volume is there without the need for products, yet it's not too blunt I can still carry off my extensions on nights out and no one ever notices its not my real hair.

Throughout the whole restyle Martyna answered any questions, made me feel comfortable and more importantly discussed what could be done with my hair in the future, from difference lengths, extensions, colours and evening looks. I've never been more excited to go back to a hair dressers in my life!

The best thing I've found since having the restyle is that I can keep up that salon worthy look at home. I've been wearing extensions much less and for the first time in over ten years enjoying my own hair for what it is. 

I can't thank the queen enough for not only giving my hair a trim but the confidence to ditch that comfort blanket!

*This restyle was complimentary but as ever the opinions and views are all my own and as honest as my other posts.*

Hair by Martyna Grant
57 Frodsham St, Chester CH1 3JJ
01244 400108

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