Sunday 22 April 2018

Lifestyle | Coping With Bullies At Work

Going through high school and college to understand how to begin a career in the real world takes a lot of time and confidence to master. No one got a college degree on faith alone; it takes hard work and a lot of time to be able to get through the work required. When you graduate, you’re on a high from completing four years of hard work and you know that moving into having a career is going to potentially change your entire life. Getting on the bottom of the career ladder is the easy part compared to moving up it in the field that you are interested in. Going for interviews with both large and small companies is nerve-wracking, and it takes someone of strength to get through them and secure a job at the end.
As you can see, going from high school to the first job in the career that you’ve dreamed about isn’t
always a smooth ride. The last thing, then, that you would want to cope with is workplace bullying once
you get there. Most people leave bullies behind in school. There is always one person out there as you
grow up who is insecure enough to pick on you or other people to make themselves feel better, but we
often liken bullying to the schoolyard. It’s not something that we anticipate in adulthood, and yet we deal
with workplace bullying every day if we are unlucky. When you end up dreading going to work every
day, things can get difficult for you. So, how do you deal with bullies in your place of work?

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Don’t Get Emotional. One of the biggest pleasures for bullies is a reaction. When you’re at work, you
are generally stuck with the same people every day. If they can see that they are having an emotional
effect on you, it’ll only step up their campaign against you and they’ll know that they are getting what
they want. Try to stay calm and rational at all times.

Get Some Advice. Despite what people say, you do not have any obligation to put up with a campaign
of abuse. Checking out the right employment law resources can help if your human resource department
isn’t diffusing the situation in the right way. You have a right to be comfortable and calm in your
workplace – don’t forget that.

Don’t Blame Yourself. Bullies don’t target someone because it’s about that person. It is not your fault
that you are a better person than they. Don’t put yourself down and lose your confidence because of
the words of someone else.

Keep Track. When you have someone taking strips off you in the workplace, you can find it really hard
to keep up morale. The best thing that you can do is to document absolutely every incident in a personal
notebook. Dates, times and who said what to you. Doing this can mean for a stronger case when you
take it to the human resource department.

Never Expect To Change Them. When someone has taken it upon themselves to pick on you, i
t can be so disheartening. While it’s not about you personally, it still hurts and it still makes you dread
coming to work every day. The one thing to understand, though, is that you cannot change the bully.
You did nothing to deserve this happening to you, but you cannot change the person in front of you.
You can, however, change your reactions to these situations and tackle it head on.

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Ultimately, when dealing with workplace bullying, you cannot allow yourself to be a wallflower.
No one has any right to make you feel bad about yourself or your level of work.
You may not be being beaten up on the schoolyard, but emotional manipulation and words can
take you down on the inside as much as anything else. You did not work hard to get through college
and go through countless interviews for your dream job, only to find yourself cowering at the idea of
having to actually go to work. There is no place for workplace bullying, and if it’s happening to you
then you mustn’t take it. Hold your head high and stay strong; whatever you do next is going to define
how your days go. Collect evidence, report issues and get the help that you need to cope with being
bullied at work in a positive way. Don’t let it beat you down; you’re stronger than you think.

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