Monday 30 April 2018

Lifestyle | Cafe Culture: Setting Up A Business In Caffeine

Whether you’re a former student, have or have had a high-pressure job, or you’ve been slaving away in a career that doesn’t quite fulfill you; you’ll be familiar with the sanctuary of the coffee shop. Caffeine, baked treats, and other cafe sustenance will have kept you going on more than one occasion, and will have probably been a regular part of your everyday life. If you’ve reached a point where you’re considering a new path, and want to take your business skills and combine them with your passion for great coffee and food; it sounds like it’s time for an adventure into your own cafe. There’s no time like the present to start doing what makes you happy, and if you feel like you have plenty of hard work and dedication to give a place; setting up your business is an exciting move to make next.

If you’re still reading because you can’t wait to get started; you’ve probably worked in a coffee shop on more than one occasion. They’re great places to help pay your way through college, not to mention an environment where you can get to know your arabica from your robusta. Something (mainly great coffee) will have kept drawing you back to those familiar surroundings. If you know that you can create a successful place, and have strong ethics and an idea of what you want to provide people with; it’s time to start your business plan for your dream cafe. Coffee shops aren’t going anywhere soon, but just like any successful business; there’s plenty of competition out there, so you need to create something that’s both welcoming and unique. The following are some ideas and inspiration for budding caffeine entrepreneurs, who are ready to consider and take those first steps towards running a successful cafe. 

More Than Drinks

You’ll want each of your visitors to stay longer than it takes to drink a coffee. Encouraging regulars to spend a few hours working, reading, or relaxing in your new establishment will help to attract more customers, and you’ll ensure that you’ll have a steady income. Therefore, there needs to be some food options on your menu as well as the array of coffee and other beverages. It’s worth looking into how you can invest in local produce, and make your edibles onsite; patrons will appreciate the fresh and local approach You’ll also need to research and train in food preparation, knowledge, and hygiene. Even if you end up employing a cook; you’ll need to know every part of your business, from where your source your food grade buckets from, to what’s scientifically gluten-free. Leave no stone unturned, and you’ll be able to ensure that your business begins to thrive.

You’re The USP

Remember that people will be heading towards your coffee shop over one of the large chains around the corner, for something different; you. Your story, ethics, and passion should be visible in your establishment and within your marketing. Make sure that your staff are clued up on how and why your cafe came to be. You’re bound to have the odd teething problem after you've opened, and visitors will be far more forgiving if they feel like they know you, and you’re investing in the local area and community. So, make your new brand identity apparent and embrace your quirks and the things you do differently.

Substance Over Style

Although your coffee shop interior should be carefully considered and planned; it should come second to the quality of your coffee and your food. In an Instagram age, it’s important to have somewhere that people appreciate hanging out and photographing whatever they’ve purchased. However, if they don’t enjoy what they drink and eat in your cafe; it’s unlikely that they’ll return to spend money again.

Invest In The Sourcing Process

Any coffee connoisseur will tell you that a great cup begins at the bean. Therefore, you need to choose your coffee bean supplier wisely. Take a trip to see where and how they’re harvested, sample the finished product, and ensure that you understand the various flavor profiles and what will suit your new cafe. Take the same approach with each consumable element of your business. As previously mentioned, investing in quality local produce is a great way to source things. However, if you do need to go further afield to get the right ingredients; make sure that you’ve visited and tried and tested everything before you buy. Strong ethics and standards will ensure that you’ll be the next coffee shop on the scene, and your business will grow from strength to strength.

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