Sunday, 22 April 2018

Lifestyle | 3 Ways To Get Prepared For The Summer Sunshine From Food To Fitness

The same feeling of excitement and nervousness ripples through your body every time to see a small peep of sunshine during the spring months. The truth is, getting healthy is sometimes and the bottom of your priority list but you really want to make the extra effort this summer. Whether you are embarking on your first holiday with your boyfriend or you and your besties have a week of fun in the sun quickly approaching, you want to be looking your best. Now is the time to start preparing because summer will be upon us quicker than we ever expected. Stay on top of your summer game by ticking these four fab and fun frivolities off your to do list. 

1.Fresh Food

Getting healthy for summer obviously involves eating nutrient dense, energy fuelling, fresh foods. You have tried every fad diet on the market and realise that getting healthy can only happen if you fuel your body correctly. There is nothing wrong with a muscle repairing protein shake after an intense Body Pump class at the gym, but you also need to be cooking real foods. Consider buying fresh halal lamb to cook up protein rich meals, such as homemade burgers or chilli. Pair your freshly cooked meals with a tonne of green vegetables and you will feel more satisfied for longer. 

2.Gym Bunny

Your Beyonce booty isn’t going to appear whilst you chill on the sofa all weekend and eat Doritos and dip. Get your butt to your local gym and start moving your body more. Even if you don’t have much time to spend on exercising, you can make a huge difference with just twenty minutes of HIIT training a day. Check out some online tutorials if you’re feeling lost and don’t know where to begin. 

3.Skin Saviours

Getting your porcelain complexion ready for the beaming rays of Ibiza might seem like a tricky task. You’re prone to burning in the sun, not to mention the hundreds of freckles which start to appear on your nose when you see just a hint of sunshine. Make sure you invest in a reputable SPF moisturiser which is made specifically for your face. Opt for organic, plant based skin products as fewer chemicals means less irritation. We can often load up on new and innovative skin care products before our holiday, only to find we don’t react well with them. Start to use you new investments up to a month before you go away. Allow your skin to get used to the change in product, then you can be sure that you’re not left with red blotches on holiday after an unexpected allergic reaction.

From your booty to your braids make sure you’ve got your summer all sorted. No more last minute nightmares when you can’t squeeze into your favourite bikini and no more meltdowns when your hair starts to frizz at the tiniest amount of humidity. You’ve got it all covered, so enjoy the sun and feel more ready than ever to enjoy your summer activities. 

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