Friday, 27 April 2018

Fashion | Not On The High Street: Think Twice Before Buying Cheap Jewellery

We all love affordable fashion, don’t we? Anyone who’s been around for a while will have seen the odd Primark haul from time to time. With fashion moving so fast, there’s nothing wrong with cutting costs on clothes. What’s the point in spending a fortune on a top which won’t work next season? Most of us would agree we’d rather buy cheap and often.

But, when it comes to jewellery, this thinking could do more damage than good. Many of us struggle to get on top of accessories, and cheap pieces may be at fault. If you’ve always longed to master the jewellery game, this is the first thing you want to change. Sure, top-end jewellery is more expensive than top-end fashion. But, the benefit here is that jewellery lasts from season to season. For the most part, trends here are pretty set in stone… Puns aside, let’s look at a few of the reasons high-street jewellery hasn’t been working out for you thus far.

The materials

Green finger, anyone? It’s rarely a good look. Sadly for us, green stains are the result of chemical reactions between jewellery and skin. As such, you can scrub that chain all you want, and it’ll still make you greener than grass. In truth, there’s no telling which metals will react with your skin. In that way, you could argue high-end options would do the same. But, it’s a fact that copper is a prime culprit. And guess what most high street jewellery is made of? Metal copper, of course! By comparison, most jewellers offer a choice of better metals and ensure you can say goodbye to green.

The fit

Fashion jewellery is made with a one-size fits all approach. While that’s not a problem with necklaces, you’ll struggle to get along with rings designed this way. If you wonder why your rings always slip, this is your answer. In truth, sizing a ring is no easy task. As well as judging your finger size, it’s important to think about the size of the jewel on top. A high street store isn’t going to help you there. But, heading to sites like Diamond Expert could help you find the right cut of diamond. What’s more, a standard jeweller will be able to give you a better idea of your ring size. Suddenly, that hindrance you’ve never gotten along with could become a seamless part of your outfit.

Lasting power

You don’t need us to tell you high street jewellery isn’t made to last. You can’t expect that £20 necklace to serve more than a few seasons. But, as we’ve mentioned, jewellery is one of those timeless additions which will always work. As such, buying a few high-end pieces could work out cheaper. This way, you wouldn’t have to stock up on affordable alternatives each time your old ones broke. And, it doesn’t take a genius to work that a £300 necklace which lasts ten years is better value than a £20 which lasts one.

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