Thursday 8 March 2018

Gift Guide | How To Make Your Own Gift Boxes

Making gifts for people is one of the most fun and satisfying things you can do. Once you've created a homemade gift, putting it into a bought box or bag doesn't seem the same. To go with the gift you've put so much love and effort into, you could also make your own gift boxes and other packaging items. It doesn't take long to do, you likely already have the materials you need, and it gives your gifts an extra personal touch. There are a few different ways to create some beautiful gift boxes that will make all the presents you give to others extra special, whether you made the gift yourself or bought it.

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Make a Cardboard Gift Box

Creating a gift box out of cardboard is easy, and it won't cost you much if you already have some cardboard. In fact, it's a great way to recycle any boxes or other items that don't already make suitable gift boxes. The card doesn't need to be pretty, as you can always decorate it later. To make a square or rectangle cardboard box, you simply need to draw and cut out a flat version of your box. Start with the shape of the bottom of the box, then on each side, add shapes that are the same height, plus tabs to stick them together. You can make a separate lid, or have it attached. The next bit is where glue dispensers and glue dots come in handy. Some strong glue dots on each of your tabs will stick the sides to each other.

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Make an Origami Gift Box

For smaller and lighter gifts, you can get away with making an origami gift box. It looks clever but it's easier to do than you might think. All you need is some paper that folds well (ideally origami paper). With sheets of paper of different sizes, you can make different sized boxes. Origami gift boxes can be made in all kinds of shapes, including hearts and stars. Check out the instructions at The Spruce to find out how you can fold a cuboid box and even make a fancy lid for it.

Make a Gift Envelope

Even smaller gifts might not need an entire box. It can look a little silly when you have a tiny gift sitting in a cavernous box. Creating an envelope instead couldn't be easier. All you need is four circles of paper or flexible card. Take your four circles, fold them in half, then put them together so that the folds form a square, with one half of each circle overlapping and the other half sticking up. Glue them together and, with your gift inside, you can tuck the other circle halves into each other to close your envelope.

Decorate Your Gift Packaging

You can decorate your DIY gift boxes however you like. Paint them, draw on them or cover them in patterned paper. Don't forget to tie or stick on a bow too, and add a gift tag so your giftee knows who it's from.

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