Wednesday 14 February 2018

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Winter, on the whole, can be fun. Sure, there are some downsides-- the lack of daylight, the cold, the short days, but it’s also a festive and cosy time of year that’s worth making the most of. 

However, there is one major side effect of winter that takes longer to recover from than most: dry skin. 

Why is dry skin such a problem in winter?

The issue is an unfortunate combination of two factors: 

The air is colder during winter, and cold air simply doesn’t retain as much moisture as warm air. 

We all tend to rely on central heating systems during the winter which, while lovely and warm, tend to dry the air -- which is already struggling to retain moisture due to the point above -- even further.

The end result? Dry skin problems. 

Where are you most likely to experience issues with winter dry skin?

Facial skin is generally most sensitive and thinner than the rest of your body, placing it at prime risk for problems with dry skin. You might also notice that the skin over your joints -- such as your elbows, knees, and ankles -- are more liable to dryness over winter, due to the thinner skin in these areas. 

How can you combat dry skin over winter?

To an extent, the winter period itself is all about minimising the damage. You can use a variety of techniques to try to achieve this, for example…

Using a water spritz on your skin, then applying an oil directly over the top to “lock” the moisture in 

Using deep moisturising balms and body lotions 

Drinking plenty of water 

… but it’s unlikely that you’ll escape through the winter unscathed even with these techniques. Most women will find their skin is in need of a little extra TLC when the weather begins to warm. 

How can you restore your skin back to its best?

Continuing a careful moisturising regime is always important, but you will need to add a little extra “oomph” to your skincare to help reclaim your skin from the harshness of winter. 

Facial skin will benefit from a rejuvenating HydraFacial, which will help to tackle skin issues as well as providing the hydration you need. 

Body skin will benefit from a deep treatment like paraffin wax, which you can either do at home or at a clinic.

Avoid using harsh soaps and shower gels, as these can strip natural oils. A couple of weeks spent using only oil-based products for cleansing should give your skin time to recover from the ravages of winter. 

How long will your skin take to escape its dryness?

This depends on your skin type; if you’re always prone to dry skin, then you’re unlikely to experience a miraculous cure for the overall issue by May. However, you should be able to see an improvement in the extra dry skin issues you experience over winter by the middle of spring, providing you stick to the above tips. 

With your skin back to its best, all you need is for the British weather to play ball and you’ll really have a spring in your step! 

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