Sunday 11 February 2018

Fashion | Power Dressing in Two Ways | The Red Blazer

I've always been a lover of a blazer. I feel like they really look like you've got your life together and know you mean business - that may just be me but I feel they give off that vibe!

For me a coloured blazer always adds that pop of colour but I will only invest if I know I will be able to wear it multiple ways. Being quite small I struggle to find blazers that fit really well but this red one from Primark fits so well it's not too long or too short.

Red has been everywhere recently and I've finally started to add in some keys pieces of red into my very dark (and boring) wardrobe which has helped to spruce up any black outfit I've had. They did have many other different colours but I thought with Red being so in right now this was a great way to add that splash of colour.

I've been styling it a lot with leather look leggings, a body suit and some over the knee boots which I think really gives off that 'I've got my life together' look! 

But then I also teamed it with a pair of high waisted denim shorts for drinks with the girls and proves it can be dressed or down and really shows that blazers aren't just office wear anymore!

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  1. I've never really worn blazers but I love how you've styled this one! xx

    Maiya |