Wednesday 7 February 2018

Beauty | January Birchbox and why I've cancelled?!

I've been receiving Birchbox for over 6 months now and at first I enjoyed it. I started out as a trial to experiment with  couple of different beauty boxes to work out which ones were the best. As a beauty blogger we are always on the hunt to try out new brands and products to review them so with a beauty box this is the perfect way to try out lots of new products every month.

Birchbox offers some big name brands in their boxes and this is what first attracted me but as sthe months went on I was a little bit disappointed to receive the same brands over and over. Along with this the fact that I was receiving Glossybox (who I continue to receive) who send full size products I was a little bit disappointed that Birchbox were always sending trial size products so didn't feel it was as good value for money as Glossybox.

In January's box I received:

The Nuxe Prodigieux Shower oil. Now this product I do enjoy using as I do really like Nuxe products. I do really rate this shower oil and would purchases the full size of this again in the future as it left my skin so smooth and hydrated.

Lord & Berry Concealer stick. I didn't really enjoy this product and I have used a few of their products before through Birchbox. I found the stick to be too much like a pencil so dragged the skin when using it. The coverage was light but din't feel comfortable on my skin.

Next up is a product I did enjoy trying. I wish they had sent a full size as I did really like the Beaver Professional Daily Moisture Conditioning Spray. It left my hair so soft and smelt gorgeous. I struggle with really dry hair but with it being really fine some leave in sprays and oils can leave it feeling heavy and oily but this one was light and was easy to brush through when my hair was damp.

I also received the Paul & Joe Beauty Primer which I did enjoy and the packaging was gorgeous. It did exactly as a primer should and helped to add moisture to my skin as well as keeping my make up on all day. I would buy this again but feel for £24 it is a little on the steep side for a full size.

Last up was the Afterspa Magic Make up cloth. I normally use a flannel to take my make up off with a first cleanse. This claims to take your make up off with just water, and whilst it did remove all my make up like magic my face still didn't feel 100% clean so I do find I still like to cleanse afterwards.

Overall this was one of the better boxes but I've stopped getting that wow factor when I receive their boxes so decided it was time to try and find another beauty box to enjoy. Any suggestions?


  1. I’ve been contemplating on getting a Birchbox lately and after reading your post, I think I might! I love posts like this and I love that you gave honest reviews about each product you received! 💗

  2. I used to get both birchbox and Glossybox and I cancelled birchbox for the exact same reason! I ended up cancelling Glossybox too as I had a mountain of products that were unopened haha! X

  3. I get the look fantastic box which is good xx

  4. I actually cancelled my birchbox too! i felt like i was getting quite a few repeated products!

  5. I don't blame you, for what you pay each month you could get one full size product you really want to try!

  6. I cancelled my birchbox subscription in October when let's face it they sent me the worse box ever! The on full size item was worth £1.50!!!! I now get the cruelty free beauty box which is full of full sized items!

  7. I’ve heard so much about beaver products! I have a friend who is a hairdresser and recommends them all the time

    Tasha x

  8. I used to have Birchboxes but found I was always receiving the same sort of products each month despite them claiming to send you new things to try - I ended cancelling mine a few months back as I found it was SO overpriced for the pretty tiny products you get sent.
    Best wishes, Gee x