Wednesday 19 December 2018

Another day another dating update, these are coming more regularly now but I kinda like it. I kinda like being able to look back at my datings dramas, tips and of course what to do better next time!

Tuesday 18 December 2018

New year goals...what does that include? I know for one mine is to update my dating profile and to hopefully get back into the swing of dating again.

The importance of a good dating profile was made so apparent today. I was sat discussing dating profiles and photos with my single friend. He had started speaking with a girl online - met through a dating site and all was going really well. They had arranged to meet and as with any other singleton decided it would be best to stalk the social media pages. This is where trouble set in, her photos were completely different! It's really important when setting up dating profiles that all of your information, along with your photos are accurate and are actually you. We all know everyone only wants to be seen in their best angles but this can cause trouble when photos are over edited and look nothing alike who you actually are.

Monday 17 December 2018

New year new partner?

Well that's the dream isn't it but reality is we're here again with another update to y dating saga.

Well as the year draws to a close and we all start to reflect back on 2018 there's one part of my year I look back and think could I have done better? It's safe to say I've taken a more proactive approach to dating this year. I've pushed myself, put myself out there and actually dating more than I have ever dated in my life! Has it been successful? In part yes. In part no. I'm going into 2019 single but I'm okay with that. I'm in a much better place than I was this time last year. I've grown in confidence and started to see more of what I look for in a man. I now know the important things on my checklist.

Tuesday 23 October 2018

Falling leaves, falling mood? Image licensed under Creative Commons.

There's so much to love about fall - from fabulous fashion with cute coats and awesome ankle boots to cozy evenings in and the beauty of the leaves on the trees. However, it's also very natural to experience a bit of slump around this time of year also. With the evenings getting shorter and the temperature dropping, mentally and physically we can lose our glow.

Tuesday 16 October 2018

Family, Sunset, Friendship, Friends, Summer, Jump

If it was good enough for the Beatles, it’s probably good enough for you...

The journey of life is a personal adventure, and you need to take responsibility for your actions. Nonetheless, there’s no need to face the battle alone. In reality, the support of friends and family can make all the difference as you bid to regain control of your life.

Thursday 4 October 2018


I don’t claim to be a dating expert by any means. Hey, I’ve had more of my fair share of disasters, dilemmas and even drama but what I can share is my tips and tricks of what I’ve learnt from relationships, being single and dating. It’s always been a hush hush secret of mine but now I’m starting to lift the lid on the secrets of my dating past - hold tight there’s enough to write a book!

Monday 1 October 2018

Another month goes by and the dating saga continues...

Dating get more and more difficult as we get older and I've often given up. When I was younger it was easer to meet people, more people wanted to date and it was actually fun. Now however it's complicated, people don't want to date and it's by no means as fun as it used to be! I've mentioned before I've been dating over the past five years and I've seen how much the dating world has changed in that period.


Are you obsessed with everything to do with beauty and cosmetics? If so, then you need to make sure that you are investing in the right set up for your home. While it’s possible to look like a model after visiting a spa, a health club or a stylist, most of us won’t want to take this trip regularly. If the cost doesn’t put you off, the time it will take out of your busy schedule certainly could. Whether you’re running a business, looking after your children or just trying to keep up with all your latest social commitments, you might not have time to jet off for a weekend to a spa or even the afternoon. That’s why you should think about bringing the beauty set up you need to your home. We’ve talked a little about this before, but it’s to dive deeper and discover everything you need for the ultimate beauty and cosmetics set up behind your front door.

This isn’t about putting everything in place for a home run business. It’s about having everything you need personally to discover your best self. 

Friday 28 September 2018

London is a city loved by travellers far and wide for its beautiful sights, famous attractions, and vibrant atmosphere. Unfortunately, despite this fame, the city is still a confusing place, causing many first-time tourists to make some major mistakes. Thankfully, many of these will cause little harm, but some could cost you time or money you can’t afford to lose. To get the best possible experience from your London trip, here are five tourist mistakes that you need to avoid.

Visiting During Peak Season
With nine million people calling it home, and a further three million commuting in each day, it’s fairly safe to say that London is a busy city. For this reason, it’s always sensible to visit during off-peak and shoulder seasons. This way, you can avoid some of the chaos and save some cash. You should also steer clear of public transport during peak hours throughout the week.

Paying For Museum Visits
London may be a notoriously expensive city, but that doesn’t mean that everything you do during your trip has to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, there are plenty of free activities for you to try out, including walking tours, and, of course, museum visits. Most of London’s best and most famous museums happen to be free, so don’t make the mistake of paying for a ticket elsewhere.

Eating Out Every Meal
Eating out in London can get incredibly costly incredibly quickly. Thankfully, eating in, on the other hand, is pretty cheap. Because of this, you may want to skip a hotel and opt for accommodation with a kitchen instead, like the short term lets from London Serviced Apartments. This way, you can cook most of your own meals and only need to eat out when you really want to.

Skipping The Oyster Card
With high parking prices and congestion charges, driving around London can be expensive and stressful. For this reason, most people tend to avoid it and stick to buses and tubes instead. If this is what you intend to do, then make sure that you pick up an Oyster card when you stop at a tube station. This makes ticket purchases much simpler and also offers discounted travel.

Keeping To Zone One
Many of London’s major attractions and landmarks happen to be in the very centre, but that doesn’t mean that you should spend your whole time away there. Much of the city’s charm lies outside of this zone, in Brixton, Hackney, Notting Hill, and the markets of Camden. If you want to really make the most of your trip, then you should explore past the boundaries of Westminster.

Forgetting To Book Ahead
No one likes to stick to a strict schedule while they’re away, but, when it comes to London, having some idea of the attractions you want to visit can be beneficial. This is because many of these places offer discounted tickets when you book online ahead of your visit. For this reason, you should always try to have a rough idea of your plans before you head off.

A visit to London can be fun and exciting, but there is a lot of stress to face too. If you want to make the most of your trip, then avoid the mistakes listed above.

Tuesday 18 September 2018


7 Tips for Setting up a Home Spa

Technology continuously advances and makes almost everything fast-paced and instantly accessible.  This makes it possible for you to handle multiple tasks whether at work or at home.  You are able to engage in a number of gainful activities even within the confines of your home that allow you professional satisfaction and financial freedom. Handling multiple responsibilities to improve your economic situation, however, can be exacting and comes at the expense of your well-being.

Without even realising it, you push harder than your body and mind can take.  You must realise that everything done in excess of your limits is bad for you and your health.  When you subject yourself to too much pressure and stress, toxins invade your body and cause illness.  Thus, you need time to destress and detoxify so that your body and mind can get the chance to recharge and reinvigorate.
Take time to relax and smell the flowers
You work hard to keep your job, qualify for a promotion, or get a raise.  At home, you wake up early and retire late at night to keep it clean and well-maintained.  You do it while taking care of the needs of your children and your spouse.  You are practically working round the clock with hardly a time to pause for a break, more so for a vacation.
Whatever task you are engaged in, you must remember to take care of yourself.  Stop and smell the flowers as they say. 
Benefits of a wonderful spa experience
If you cannot have a vacation, take time for self-indulgence like visiting a spa.  A wonderful spa experience would help refresh your body, ease your mind away from too much tension, and enliven your nerves.
A short time having a little pampering at a spa can do wonders to you physically, mentally, and even emotionally.
Tips for setting up a home spa

You don’t even have to go to a fitness and wellness centre to indulge in a spa.  In fact, you can set up your own home spa. With a little investment, lots of imagination, creativity and resourcefulness, you can create a luxurious home spa that would benefit not only you, but also your whole family, and friends.  You may also want to invite your neighbours in.
The following are some tips on how to set up your own home spa:
1. Buy a blow up spa
While you may have the fund for a built-in spa in your bathroom or any designated space for relaxation at home, you may want to lean on the practical side.  You can opt for an inflatable or blow up spa. Choose an ideal size based on who is going to use it.  If it is for your and your partner’s exclusive use, you can buy a moderately sized one.  If you have children, you can buy one that can accommodate four to six people.  You can even set spa bonding sessions with your friends.
2. Choose an ideal place
Decide on the location of your spa. This is not a permanent fixture; hence, the location may vary depending on the season. As you will be using water, the ideal place to set it up is your bathroom and you can use it even during winter.  However, if you have limited bathroom space, you can set it up elsewhere.  
In summer, you can set up your inflatable spa outdoors: in your shaded garden, a closed-in gazebo where you can put potted plants as added decoration to induce the right mood, or even in your garage.  
3. Set up an audio system
Set up an audio system so that you can arrange to play soothing music. A melodious sound can calm your nerves and relax your senses. Music can be therapeutic.
4. Set up appropriate lighting
You can install lighting system that can be dimmed to suit the relaxed mode you want to achieve in your spa room. You can also use candles, preferably aromatic ones that can also have a soothing effect.  Of course, if you are using your spa outdoors and during daytime, you may not need lighting.  However, if you are having a spa session at night, lights whether from artificial or real candles can bolster the romantic ambiance.
5. Stock up on quality spa products and treatments
Use aromatic oils, bath salts, and bubbles that have healing effects such as those that contain organic minerals and herbs.  They would help reenergize your tired body and ease the tension from your muscles.
6. Invest in thick towels
Amongst the things that would stick in your memory from a spa experience are the plushy, fluffy cotton towels. Add an authentic touch to your home spa by buying thick towels.  You can also buy a nice terry robe in your favourite colour, although white would definitely look and feel blissful.
7. Set time for regular spa
Now that you have set up your home spa, what is left to decide on is when to do it. You can set up a regular time, once a week, once a month, during holiday breaks, or anytime you want. Make sure that you eliminate or avoid distractions for a truly enjoyable spa session whether you do it alone, with your partner, or with a friend.  
Want an Inflatable spa?
For your durable, quality inflatable needs, OutbaxCamping tops the list in the Australian market.  Check or visit our website so you can choose from various models of inflatable spa that would be perfect for your home setup. 

Saturday 15 September 2018


Looking for the perfect gift for a future mommy or daddy? Those preparing for their little one to arrive will definitely need a lot of different stuff - and you’ll have a lot to choose from that can make their lives a lot easier. 

Monday 27 August 2018


Buying gifts can be a relatively complex process. You tend to spend extended periods of time puzzling over what to get. However, once you find the perfect gift, you won’t be able to wait to hand it over and see the smile on the face of the recipient. So, to make the process as simple as possible for you, here are a few different occasions where you might find yourself buying gifts, along with a few different ideas to guide you in the right direction!

Wednesday 15 August 2018


So you want to be able to have the life that you desire? But in order to do that, you need to make sure that your finances are in order. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your have to be in a bad financial situation in the first place. But it does mean that you have to get a little bit smarter with your money. When you think about the future, it’s likely that there are going to be things that you want to achieve. But those things won’t just come to you. You have to take steps towards making them happen. Sometimes, you really need to get your life together in the process too. So let’s take a look at how you can be a complete girl boss about it and really start to organize your finances.

1. Knowing What You Spend

This is all going to start with tracking your spending. Even if you think you’re pretty good with money and that you never spend anything, that may not necessarily be true. And you really do need to start tracking what you spend in order to do that. So think about watching your bank account and keeping your receipts so that you’re fully aware of your current financial situation.

2. Nail Your Bills

At the same time, you also have to make sure that you’re really great with paying your bills. And not only that, but that you’re able to afford your bills too. Something that can help you here, is knowing what set payments you need to make each month and when. Whether we’re talking instalment loans, your phone bill, your car payments, or anything else, write down all of your bills and know when you need to pay what. Then work on seeing if you can reduce this is any way.

3. Start To Budget

Next up, you need to budget better. So think about creating a budgeting sheet that allows you to allocate funds to each area of your life, and then track what you’re spending too. This is the fastest way to actually get control of your finances.

4. Spend Smart

Then, as you are spending money in life, just be careful. Make sure that you eliminate impulse purchases and that you’re looking for the best deals to make your money go further. Remember, you want good finances habits that will help you to be secure in life.

5. Work Towards Your Goals

Then, you’re going to want to start working towards your goals. Whether you want to buy a new car, start a business, go on holiday, or even buy a house if you’ve haven’t already, you can get your finances in life to make that happen. You’ve already got a better control over your spending, and you’re starting to budget well - so just add in a ‘goals’ section to what you’re already doing. Then, you can start moving some money over into your savings to actually have the money available for what you want to do, whether that’s in the short term or in the future.

Friday 10 August 2018


London, a big city and lots of places to eat but where to start? I’m a foodie, I love to travel around and try out different places to eat and drink. The way to my heart is certainly through good food. I recently visited London and the one thing I planned months in advance was where was I going to eat? A girl must plan these Instagram images, doesn’t she? Planning is key when travelling even if it is in your home country. I’m a sucker for planning any visit so here’s what I do:

Wednesday 8 August 2018


Some people like being messy and unorganised in their lives; it’s part of their “aesthetic”. Most of us, however, don’t make the conscious decision to lead messy lives. We all want to get our lives together, whether that entails going to the gym like we promised ourselves or even cutting down on the amount we drink. But the great thing about resolutions is that you can make them at any time of the year. You don’t have to wait until January. You have the power to change at any moment in your life. If that isn’t motivational enough to inspire you then maybe these pieces of advice will help.

Tuesday 7 August 2018

How many times this week have you watched TV, read a magazine or overheard someone in your favourite coffee shop raving about the latest superfood? The bombardment of food crazes can be overwhelming especially when you are trying your best to maintain a nutritious and healthy diet. If you are trying to shift a few pounds or you don’t have the most positive body image, it can be tough to try and navigate your way around food. Whereas your pals might be able to eat whatever they want and never put on an ounce, you only have to look at a cube of chocolate, and you can feel your hips widening. It’s time to address your relationship with food and forge a more positive relationship with your diet.

Sunday 5 August 2018

You may remember my last dating post where I briefly touched on marital affair and no strings attached dating. It got me thinking about Love Island and how the approach to dating has changed over the past few years. Could this be the Love Island curse?

Being single for quite a few years I wouldn't say I was an expert when it comes to dating but I have been single long enough to notice these changes, both good and bad I may add! I've tried a lot of different dating types. As mentioned previously I love the whole no strings dating as long as that is set out from the very beginning and is something you both want. I myself have benefited from this and I absolutely swear by it when newly becoming single it helps build confidence and also find yourself again. The trouble lies when people become so disposable. This is where Love Island comes into play. A new cast members comes in who 'on paper' is more their type and boom re-coupling happens and the original person is left stood there with no regard to how they may be feeling, something I don't see happening too often on the outside (maybe me being naive I'm not sure?) 

It makes me question are they there to find love? Finding someone compatible to us is hard enough but do we disregard others feeling on this quest? Do we really take into account others feelings? I find when watching Love Island it's quite easy to see this no strings attached dating approach from some contestants until they find that person they spark with, but what I don't agree on is are we forcing these people to find love? Is that not something we can put a label on in such a short amount of time?

Don't get me wrong I'm the biggest fan of Love Island and I watched it every single night religiously but is this really effecting our approach to dating? Are we losing touch with what is no strings attached and what is love? Some couples you see from the start blossom into really healthy relationships and then others you see them kind of stepping on people to get to the final, all to get that money, to get fame. It does spark some really big questions as to is the Love Island effect a curse of it's own success? 

I've been very lucky in my experience but I think the key to this form dating is honesty. You both need to set out knowing the expectations and what to expect in the long run. It's not for everyone I admit but for me I really think this helped in finding out where I wanted to go in my dating journey.

What is your approach to dating, how did you meet your other half? And is Love Island a curse or a blessing? Have you ever tried no strings attached dating?

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Sunday 29 July 2018

Brilliant Beauty Tips You Must Consider This Year

When it comes to looking as great as possible, it is important to think about what you are doing at home to beautify yourself. There is a lot you can do by way of beauty tips, and there are likely to be quite a few different things you are looking to consider to keep in mind if you are going to make yourself look better. There are plenty of things to keep in mind that will help this.

Tuesday 24 July 2018

As I mentioned in my last post I'm starting a new series of dating blogs on my blog. I've been single now around 4 years and it's safe to say dating has definitely changed since I was younger. It's much more difficult but also in a way feel like women do have a lot more control of dating.

Monday 23 July 2018

So I'm sure everyone is already aware that the Summer holidays are upon us, schools have kicked out, exams are finished and prom season is now underway. Proms and weddings are two of the most difficult occasions I find to dress for. It's not everyday you need to do Hollywood glamour! It doesn't help especially with weddings all the rules and unwritten no go's that every guest must abide by. I have two very simple tips which I think may help as a starting point to point you in the right direction of smashing any event you may be attending over the next few weeks!

So as you all know I've recently moved house and these past 8 months have absolutely flown by. Home improvements, homeware and even cleaning ave become an obsession. I've been very lucky when moving as I moved into a brand new home so it's been very easy to put a stamp in my own kind of way, that's one of the great things with a new build they are like a blank canvas. I'm still a very long way off where I'd like by house to be but that's the beauty of home renovation it's a journey not a race.

Tuesday 17 July 2018


Are you ready to turn your passion into your career by starting a beauty business? We are going to spend the vast majority of our time working, and so it is pivotal that we spend it doing something that we love. However, as is the case with any good business idea, it needs a lot of planning and preparation to be turned into a reality. After all, the statistics regarding start-up survival do not make pretty reading. You don’t want to be just another number. With that in mind, read on to discover some of the things that you need to do before starting a beauty business.

Friday 13 July 2018


Image via Pixabay

Many of us consider ourselves spiritual, but not religious. We don’t go to church, and we don’t necessarily sign up to the ideas of any particular religious group or organisation, but we nonetheless believe that there’s more to life than what we can see.

But what can we do to improve our spiritual health, if we don’t have a religious institution to tell us what to do? 

Monday 9 July 2018


Cardiff is the largest city in Wales, as well as being the capital, so naturally, it’s also one of the most popular cities for tourists to visit. Along with its shopping centres and historic attractions, there are many things to attract visitors to Cardiff. Here are a few reasons why you’re going to want to book a weekend there some time soon...

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle has been used for a Roman Garrison, a Norman Stronghold and a Gothic Fantasy Palace. A tour of the castle is amazing in itself but why not take one of their Ghost Tours, Meet the Knights or attend the Grand Medieval Melee? These are all extra events put on at the castle that can let you see it from a different perspective.

Historic Pub Tour

There are organised tours around the historic pubs of the city, and there are quite a few of them all with their own story to tell a weary traveller like yourself. You can hear the tales from centuries ago celebrating the people of Wales.

Eating Out

Cardiff has no shortage of places to eat at while you are out and about, but some of them are a bit special. Of course, a lot depends on the type of food you are after, but for instance, if you want to eat at one of the best burger places in the UK then visit The Grazing Shed at one of its four Cardiff locations. Seriously, sometimes simple foods are the best and this is just one example of that being totally true.

Make Some Pots

Cardiff Pottery Workshops will assist you to make a pot or two. Learn how to handle the clay, what you need to do to be creative and how to finish your pots. The courses are usually a day, or you can just visit the potteries to watch the masters at work.

Sculpture Trail

The Sculpture Trail is designed to help connect children with nature as they follow the sculptures through the woodlands. There is a story attached to them and also mystical creatures and a wizard to look for.


Cardiff has 8 museums to choose from including the National Museum at the heart of the city. Much of this museum is dedicated to the history and evolution of Wales and the Welsh people are very proud of it.

The others are dedicated to a variety of different things, and every one them is worth a visit.


No visit to a city such as Cardiff would be complete without some sightseeing. There is hop on hop off open-topped buses, the full journey on which can take most of a day. 

Among the sights to visit are Mermaid Quay, Roath Park, St David’s Cathedral, the Principality Stadium, Cardiff Bay and Bute Park.

There are so many things to do in Cardiff that it is impossible to list them all here. I have tried to pick some of the most popular and some of the more unusual so that you have some ideas for your trip to Cardiff, but be sure to explore the city to its fullest.

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Wednesday 4 July 2018

So I've been single for a while now and you constantly hear the same things from your coupled up friends, have you tried this app? Are you registered on this website? Now whilst I agree (and slightly saddened by it) most of the dating is being instigated by online dating websites.

Okay so this may be the way to meet my prince charming but how much is this going to cost me? Signing up to every website is going to cost me an arm and a leg but why? One thing I've never understood with online dating is that you're paying someone to match you up with a partner with similar interests. Now when I think back every partner I've had have we had similar interests? Not really but it did give us things to talk about, different hobbies and maybe even opened our eyes to new interests. Are we really limiting ourselves by being paired with people who are the same as us?

I also have a huge issue with these paid websites matching you up with people with the same hobbies and interests but what about conversation starters? Are they taking all that away from us from the word go? How do you find out about your potential match's favourite food or what they do on a Saturday morning when the company you've just paid your weeks wages to has already told you all of that? I want to be able to ask questions find out for myself not pick tick boxes online.

I've tried every form of website, app, blind dates and I've come to conclusion dating is hard, it's difficult and dating websites have tapped into that. But are they taking the fun away from dating in the first place? Are they putting pressure on us to find that "perfect person"? In short, I do they think they are. For me free dating sites are the way forward.

I want to be able to find someone who also wants to ask me those questions such as favourite foods, eat in or take away, where did my shoe obsession start etc so why pay a computer to do that for me? We've begun to rely so heavily on technology (which is great is some aspects) but are we taking the romance out of the first dates? Those awkward conversations, the excitement, the realisation that maybe those soppy films you like could actually be shared with the hunk of a man across the table as secretly he's a bit soppy (even though his profile claimed he was a lad's lad of course!)

I've recently found this great website which allows you to meet people free using this free dating site

Surely we should be taking advantage of all these amazing free sites in order to meet people and not waste a crazy amount of money registering for lots of different computers to do all the fun parts of dating for us!

What are your opinions on paying for dating? I'd love to hear your dating stories or any great tips you have with meeting new people and be sure to let me know if you check out the website :)


Tuesday 19 June 2018


Want to add to your travel experience by staying somewhere a little different? Here are a few alternative types of accommodation you could try on your next trip away.

Book a hostel

Hostels are ideal places for solo travellers on a budget. You don’t get much in the way of luxuries and you may have to share a room with a stranger, however, it’s ideal if all you want is a bed for the night. A good hostel will have a strong wi-fi connection, clean bathroom facilities and even some leisure amenities such as a bar. Hostel staff usually have a good local knowledge and are great people to talk to for finding out the best things to do in the area on the cheap. You’ll also meet many other travellers in hostels who you may be able to buddy up with.

Stay with a local family

For a true taste of what it’s like to live in another country, homestay accommodation is an exciting and affordable option. This allows you to rent out a room in a local family’s home – you get to enjoy free home-cooked meals every evening and you can learn about the local customs and traditions from the family members. It could also be a great chance to learn another language such as these Italian exchange experiences. You could even work as an au pair and make some money in return for doing a few household chores or doing some babysitting.

Rent a villa

For a more luxury vacation, you could always try renting a villa. This is ideal for families and large groups of friends, giving you your own private space to enjoy. Some holiday homes such as these holiday rental villas in Bali come with beachfront positions and private pools. You can cook your own meals and host your own parties.

Bring a tent

Camping isn’t for everyone, but for those that do enjoy the thrill of it, this could be a cheap and convenient way of exploring a new country. You can stay in campsites or you can try a bit of wild camping (it will cost you nothing). Camping is better suited to rural destinations – you’re probably not going to want to camp out in a city. That said, many cities do have campsites on the outskirts, which could be a cheap place to base yourself whilst spending each day going into the city and seeing the sights.

Live out of a van

Another option could be to buy or rent a camper van, giving you the option to combine transport and accommodation. You can journey wherever you like, park up for the night and sleep. Motorhomes offer a more luxurious form of travelling whilst there are smaller camper vans for those on a budget. You’ll probably want to park up in campsites and service stations where you’ll have access to bathroom facilities if you need them.

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