Wednesday, 8 November 2017

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We've been labelled crazy.

Well if you don't know Anatomicals from their packaging alone where have you been? It's the packaging with the bold statements, the witty one liners and the outrageously offensive (yet very funny) named products.

Anatomicals kindly messaged me to ask me to review their face masks and of course I accepted! I'd always been a lover of their products, partly because they work and the other part because I just love reading their packaging. It makes me laugh and every product is named perfectly.

I received four of their face masks:
'that's what we call well stung' a skin boosting honey face mask
'get outta my face dirtball' an apricot face scrub
'farewell the scarlet pimplehell' a deep cleansing mud mask.
'makes your skin brighter. (if not you)' strawberry and yarrow face mask

All three very much needed treatments for this time of year!

We only want you for your body.

I try to use a face mask at least once a week, most of the time twice a week as I find it helps to keep my skin under control and is also a great way or relaxing too! Sunday nights I like to light a candle, pop a lush bath bomb in the bath and coat my face in a delicious face mask (although please don't try to eat them they aren't so delicious!)

The first one I tried out was the skin boosting honey face mask. When the weather changes and going from the cool air outside to a heated indoor environment my skin dries out. There's nothing more uncomfortable than tight, dry skin so this sounded perfect for me.  With it containing honey I just knew my skin would thank me for it! Honey helps acne prone skin and reduce any breakout - which we all know my skin likes to do. My skin felt so smooth and silky afterwards and I'd definitely use this mask on a regular basis!

Next up I tried the cleansing mud mask. I'm a massive fan of a mud mask I like how clean they make my skin by removing all that super embedded dirt and grime. They help to absorb excess oil which can lead to breakouts and helps to keep those spots at ease!

I then tried out their strawberry and yarrow face mask. Normally I'm not a fan of anything strawberry but I was a big fan of this mask. This mask aims to eliminate impurities by unclogging any pores - again helping to reduce breakouts. This mask left me with much brighter skin and looked plumper and felt so soft!

Last but not least I tried out the get apricot face scrub. This is an exfoliating scrub but wasn't harsh on the skin like most. A lot of exfoliating products feel rough on my skin and can leave my face feeling sore afterwards but this one was gentle but tough enough to remove any excess dry skin. My face was left feeling silky smooth and looked refreshed and radiant. With this scrub having aloe vera it helped leave my skin super soft even after an exfoliating treatment which is rare but my god I'd never look back!

It's no use in keeping your legs (sorry, fingers) crossed that the elements won't have their wicked way with you.

They also very kindly added in their never lose your cherry lip balm. A product I'd seen so many rave reviews about but never got round to trying it out. As always the product smells insane. Doesn't smell like that cheap kind of cherry smell you get from other brands but a more realistic cherry scent. The lip balm it's self is in a squeeze tube which I much prefer, when wearing super long nails those lip balm pots are a nightmare! The balm doesn't just sit on the top of the lips it absorbs into the skin and you can really feel it hydrating. The softness of my lips lasted hours and I found myself not having to reapply every ten minutes like other balms I'd tried which for me is a massive plus. The balm is clear on your lips and offers a very subtle sheen but nothing sticky and glossy so ideal for those harsh elements as who wants to walk around with your hair stuck to your lips?


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