Saturday 28 October 2017

Lifestyle | Pumpkin Picking - The Truth Behind Instagram

So this weekend I tried to be the basic blogger and off pumpkin picking we went. First of all let's just start by thanking storm Brian for choosing the one weekend to rain on my parade.....quite literally!

went with the stupid idea that it will all look as glamorous as the beautiful Instagram photos I was wrong. With the special help of Brian the ground was soggy and muddy perfect combination for pushing a wheel barrow in. We took the kids and whilst they had a whale of a time jumping in the puddles and slopping around in the mud it's safe to say the adults didn't.

I come away without a pumpkin for myself (don't even ask!) but one thing I did learn is that life isn't always what we see online and I think that's an important lesson to remember. We all get sucked up into a world behind gorgeous edited photos, outfit shots in front of those massive doorways, the meals that almost look too good to eat (I say almost as I'm a pig) and we get lost. I know I lose a sense of what is real and what is quite literally orchestrated for "the gram".

I compare myself to other bloggers all of the time and think my content isn't as relevant as theirs, I don't have all of the latest palettes in my beauty drawer, my feed doesn't look as good as theirs and sometimes I think it's important to remember they probably feel exactly the same. Their life isn't all white and rose gold and is just as set up as the next blogger. That's the beauty (and also the beast) in what Instagram is all about it's a dreamy platform with beautiful photos that we aspire to look at.

So in that soggy field when it was chucking it down around me I felt a sense of importance, of normality and remembered that not every blog or Instagram feed is as beautiful behind the scenes and that's one very important lesson learnt...that and don't wear heeled boots to a vegetable patch!

So here's our unposed photos, the real us taken in the moment and you know what they may not make the dream Instagram feed but I'm okay with that. We made memories that we can cherish and surely that's what is really important.

Off I pop to Aldi to pick up a basic pumpkin and carry on being a basic blogger without the need to go back into that soggy field and always remember always do you boo as you're amazing!


  1. Loved having a read of this post, it's true that not everything is what is seems behind the Instagram post. The nearest I've got to picking a pumpkin this year is the local supermarket haha

    Claire ||

  2. Ah I loved this post! Such an honest and real view :)

    xx Lisa |

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