Saturday 8 July 2017

The Wedding Edit | Esprit

It's wedding and prom season and that only means one thing....dress shopping! I recently went to the most beautiful wedding so I've come up with a little wish list of some of the outfits I'd see during my hunt for the perfect outfit!

I'm currently loving all of the pastel shades and pink and lemon are definitely a current favourite of mine so you'll see that running through this wish list for sure.

I've recently come across Esprit and they make wedding shopping even easier by dedicating a whole category to weddings (we all know how stressful dress shopping is so to have it all in one place makes it so much easier!)

Here are a few of my favourites:

I absolutely love the colour of this dress. I find blush pink works so well with so many different skin tones and hair colours and I think it's the perfect colour for weddings. 

Midi-length tulle skirt with a light petticoat // £ 55.00

Okay I'm a massive fan of pastel colours and find the blue tones really work well with my dark hair. I also love tutu style skirts and find with a little top tucked in and a blazer this is a perfect alternative to a traditional dress.

It goes without saying there had to be a lace dress on my wish list and this is the perfect shade of yellow without looking too canary as I know yellow can be quite difficult to pull off. I love the smaller sleeves on this style as some times with weddings it can get quite stuffy so it's easier to have a shorter sleeve.

The extra layer on this dress works wonders at hiding that food baby we all end up carrying round at eating far too much at the wedding breakfast. It also breaks up the dress adding a little something extra to a quite plain dress.

And of course the trusty favourite maxi. Again hiding a multitude of sins in a style that will never go out of fashion. I love a maxi dress and this is always my go to for weddings (and hey you can save on the fake tan too!)

Can you see a theme blush colours and layered effect? Esprit have smashed their wedding collection and I honestly want them all. Which one is your favourite?

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