Saturday, 3 June 2017

Lifestyle | The Social Media Cull

Okay so the title of this post is a little dramatic but I guess it’s true! We all spend so much of our time scrolling aimlessly through all the posts, photos, tweets and pins but what are we taking from it?

Over the past year I’ve really started to re-think the way in which I use social media. It just used to be an outlet to ramble, edit photos and just chat utter nonsense to my friends. This was until I sat back and realised what am I gaining from this and more importantly is this what other people want to see? The answer was a big fat no who wants to see a blurry photo of a drunken group of girls posted 6 times all with the saturation at the next level to make us looked “tanned”? 

I started to really think about how I was using social media and more so Instagram to promote my content and to actually meet like minded people and that’s when it came to me I needed a big clear out. We all have those “friends” from school who you never speak to anymore, you scroll straight past their photos and never interact with their posts. The ex’s who you really don’t want to see on your feed every Sunday morning after his “lads night out” the gym bunny who you wish motivated you but just makes you feel awful for eating doughnuts for breakfast and then there is the over sharers that post just uninspiring things that you really couldn’t care less about. But yet why do we all follow them? We feel we have to, to be polite, to not cause offence and why? Well I can’t answer that one so I took a stand. I unfollowed all these people, I deleted their feeds from mine and started following people who inspired, who motivated and who posted photos I wanted to see!

Now I’m not saying half of the people who follow me want to know about my new lipstick choice or the fact I’ve bought another highlighter that I didn’t need but that’s their choice. I’m not forcing them to stay! 

And I’ve got to say since doing this scrolling through Instagram has been enjoyable, I’m not worried what I might see, not bored of the same old photos but instead I’m seeing what I’m interested in. It’s time to take control of what we are seeing as lets be honest we’re probably all a little addicted to social media so why spend that time wasted? Why not use it to motivate you to do better?

I want to see beautiful flatlays, dreamy home decor, fashion bloggers who make you want to buy every outfit they wear, holiday photos of the places you only wish you could visit and so I found a wide variety of these things and I couldn’t be happier (okay sometimes a little jealous but definitely in a good way!) For once it’s nice to see the positive side of social media rather than the negatives.

I strongly recommend you trying it and I bet you’ll start to enjoy using social media a lot more!

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