Saturday 10 June 2017

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I've never really found a skin care brand that I've fully enjoyed using. Don't get me wrong I've had products I've loved, but never a full range that was until someone introduced me to Rodial. Now I'm not going to lie their product names scared me a lot! Bee venom and dragon's blood in their product name was enough to make me run a mile! But I gave it a go and my skin has definitely thanked me for it!

We all know I work far too much, my skin gets very stressed and very tired looking. It's the first place to show when I've been doing too much and has always been very problematic. This means it makes it very difficult when trying new skin care as I find it can cause a lot of break outs and hey who wants one of them? 

To start off with I thought I'd try out Rodial's stem cell kit as this had everything in it for me to give it a little try and see how I got on with their range. With my problematic skin I hate paying out for a massive jar of a cleanser and then find out it doesn't agree with my skin so I prefer a little tester to see how I get on. I was amazed with this kit as the product sizes were enough for me to use for a whole month and we all know they best way to test skincare is to test it for a few weeks isn't it?

Inside the kit is their Stem Cell Cleanser, Stem Cell Booster Oil, Stem Cell Magic Gel and their Stem Cell Lip. The whole kit covers everything you'll ever need! 

Stem Cell Cleanser
Okay this has to be my all time favourite cleanser! You can use it as a cleanser or a mask and we all know my feelings towards a 2 in 1 product don't we? It's a very rich creamy formula which I find really helps to ensure my skin doesn't dry out and whenever I don't use it I can tell as my skin doesn't look as plumped and feels tired. I massage a small amount into my skin morning and night using the muslin cloth that comes in the kit. It's a rose scent so whenever I use it I feel relaxed and just reminds me of being at the spa. You get 50ml in the tester pot so this is definitely a great amount to give it a good test and to really notice the results.

Stem Cell Booster Oil
I'm a massive fan of an oil in my skin care routine. I've found it's really helped to calm my skin and helps to ensure my skin always has that glow. There is nothing more satisfying than getting into bed and smothering my face in an oil. I've tried a fair few oils and I can't lie this is one of my favourites. It doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy or sticky and just melts into the skin. I massage this into my face every night before bed and I wake up with plumped and luminous skin in the morning.

Stem Cell Magic Gel
Any product name with magic in the title catches my attention straight away. When it promises 10 in 1 - yes you read that right! As well as 8 hour sleep effect it's instantly got my approval. You can use this in many ways, as your moisturiser, an intensive mask but I've been using it as a primer. First I've cleansed my skin and then covered my face in this hero product. It's meant I've not had any dry patches that my make up has clung to and my face has felt hydrated all day. Now I do have one don't get enough! The pot appears pretty big but when I realised you only get 9ml I was very disappointed as I loved it so much!

Stem Cell Lip
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product and I can't get enough! Finally a lip plumping product which helps to plump the lips without that horrible tingling sensation. It feels nourishing on the skin, it makes them appear fuller and smoother. It offers a bit of a shine so I've found when I wear this I've not needed any other lip product. You only need to use the smallest amount of this to see the results and I couldn't leave the house without it now.

After being pleasantly surprised by my new skin care routine I decided to delve a little deeper and explore the slightly more scary products in their range. And you know what? There was no need to be scared as who'd have thought I now couldn't live without dragon's blood?

Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Tonic
See what I mean? To any normal person that's a pretty scary product name if you ask me! But in actual fact the tonic is super calming. The rose water is amazing for the skin and really helps to ease the all over texture of skin. The Dragon's blood (which is in fact from the Croton Lechieri Tree - see less scary than you think) helps to protect your skin from all of those harsh environmental factors which cause havoc with our skin. The hyaluronic acid helps the plumping effect to the skin meaning you'll have an all over plumped up and protected face winner winner right?

Dragon's Blood Eye Masks
I love a good eye mask! With me working so much and often burning the candle from both end I'm always looking for ways in which I can hide the signs of a late night. These handy little sachets are my saviour. 20-30 minutes with these little wonders and you'll never know you've been up dancing till 3 am the night before. They reduce the puffiness, hydrate the skin and so makes you appear to have that bright eyed appearance.

I'm so impressed with this range so far and can't wait to try some more products!

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