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I’ve been hearing a lot recently on social media about W7 and I was seeing lots of great reviews. People were comparing the products as some affordable dupes for some of the higher end brands, and hey when it comes to dupes I’m always a fan!

The first item I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. I’d wanted to try one of their eyeshadow palettes as they were being compared to the naked palette. I chose the colour me buff palette as this is full of gold and bronze tones. There is 3 matte shades and 9 shimmer shades. A lot of the palettes I already own are always very matte and so I’ve been struggling when trying to add a shimmer to my eyes so this palette was the perfect option! They are 12 perfectly wearable shades for every day and this is something I look for when shopping for eyeshadows as it can’t just be me who picks all the pretty colours and then when you get home you’re like actually I’m never going to be able to pull off that fabulous royal blue colour every day to work?

The colours are so pigmented and for the price I couldn’t believe it. Normally I think you have to pay a little more with eyeshadows and lipsticks to get that colour say off but I was pleasantly surprised. 

From left to right

The colours I use nearly every day are Buff to set the concealer, I use this all over the lid right up to the brow bone. I think outline my crease with Camel and build up around the outer corner of the crease with Wave. I then use Sand across the lid to brighten up my eye and use Onyx on an eyeliner brush and smudge this into my lash line.

Colour Me Buff - £9.95

As we all know I’ve tried and tested every brow product from Primark to Anastasia Beverly Hills. I’m always on the lookout for the next big brow product that will change my life. So with that being said I had to try one of their brow products and I picked up the Brow Parlour. I’ve got admit this is the only item I’ve been disappointed with and it’s nothing to do with the quality unfortunately it’s the colour. Online the palette looks really dark brown which is great as I have black hair and brows so I struggle to find brow products dark enough but unfortunately when it arrived it’s more of an ashy brown and so I won’t be able to use it. I will be able to use the gel and highlighter shades that come with the palette. It’s also really handy that it comes with a double ended brush and tweezers along with a little mirror. It really is the complete brow palette.

Brow Parlour - £6.95

The next item I picked up was a selfie powder. Now this may sound a little strange to have a powder for selfies but hear me out. When the flash goes off when taking a selfie we’ve all been victim to looking at the photo and thinking OMG what’s happened to my make up. Well not anymore! The new selfie powder has tiny blue particles which help brighten up your under eyes and stop that cakey look. This helps reflect the flash leaving your skin and make up flawless even on those unflattering angles. I’ve got to say it does look a little scary in the pot and I was concerned I’d go out looking like a smurf but when this is dusted on the skin it does set clear.

Selfie Powder - £6.95

The next items I had to grab hold of were of course highlighters. I’ve got enough highlighters you can probably see me from the moon but two more couldn’t hurt could they? The first one I had to add was because I had heard everyone raving about was the Glowcomotion. This is a pressed shimmer, highlighter and eyeshadow all in one. It’s a champagne shade and again I was so surprised with how pigmented it was.It’s very shimmery and gives the skin that dewy look. It’s not at all powdery and stays in place all day. I’ve ben reaching for it over my higher end highlighters so it’s definitely a hit with me!

Glowcomotion - £6.95

The next highlighter I picked up was the Strobe and Go! Now I’ve used one of these stick highlighters before and I wasn’t impressed as they have a creamy formula and so I find them a little sticky. That was before I discovered using a cream highlighter under a powder one! GAME CHANGER! It’s leave the skin extra dewy, extra shimmery and just plain extra! I found the perfect combination with the Strobe and Go! and Glowcomotion as they are the same shade. I picked up the Strobe and Go! In shade Moonlight and they are the perfect match. I am in highlighter heaven and you have to try that combination!

Strobe and Go! - £5.95

From left to right 
Strobe and Go!
Both together

The last item I wanted to try was one of their Skinny Lipping. I’ve tried quite a few liquid lipsticks and I hate to say it but Kylie Jenners have always been my favourite. I’d heard W7’s were very similar so I picked up one to give it a go. I got one of their matte nude shades in Ouch! It’s one of their deeper nude shades as I feel these suit me better. This one has a slight purpler undertone and so still looks like you’re wearing a lip colour rather than completely nude. As with any matte lipsticks you have to wait a little while for the product to dry but I was pleasantly surprised it dried without drying the lips out and without cracking. It lasted most of the day and just needed topping up after lunch (drinks were fine and hardly moved!) but again I was pleasantly surprised and it’s definitely a winner with me for the fact it didn’t leave my lips looking or feeling dehydrated!

Skinny Lipping - £5.95

I’ll definitely be picking up more of their range so keep a look out for more hauls!

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