Tuesday 18 April 2017

Lifestyle | Let's talk about THAT weekend...

Okay so this weekend has been pretty big in the blogosphere and has caused quite a lot of drama. For a while now we've all known that people of social media buy their followers or likes. Which I'm not sure why, well I do it's obviously to gain more business from the bigger brands etc etc but I still don't quite understand why you'd want to do it.

This Easter weekend it seemed like everyone had pretty much had enough of this "cheating" and decided to take a stand and show people how to find out these "cheats" Now I'm not going to go into who has been accused, who does it or how to find out as this isn't the aim of my post at all (I'm sure you can find many other bloggers who have posted how to find this information out).

My aim of this post is to try and bring back that positive, inspiring and organic environment that first started out my interested in blogging. I've met some amazing and genuine people through Instagram and I think we need to support those people. 

I follow people as I love to look at nice photos. It might be flatlay, beauty based, cupcakes or luxury destinations I just love looking at a feed of inspirational and pretty photos and forgive me if I'm wrong but I thought that was the whole idea behind Instagram?

The bigger brands all look out for those with the biggest following but that doesn't always mean everything. As micro bloggers or those who are on their journey into creating a brand for themselves we should be supporting each other so I've included the people who I find the most inspiring, genuine lovely girls so make sure you give them all a follow;

First up is the lovely @georgia_bingham she is absolutely stunning and I love her posts. 
She seems like one of the most down to earth and genuine girls on the gram!

Second up is @jinksy_beautyher photos are always to die for and always give me inspiration
for my own feed! She also has the best collection of mugs and I do blame her for a couple that
I may have copied to add to my own!

Next is the lovely @emshelx now she may be a bigger blogger but she always makes time to
reply to as many comments as possible and her feed is always so dreamy! 

Another I love is @beautyandthechic18 her feed is a little bit of everything and that's what I love.
I love to see a bit of variety and her images are always THE best!

The last is @thelauraclaire she is always so engaging and take time to read your posts and that's
so nice to have genuine girls like her around. Her make up posts make me realise I need to up
my game I get serious post envy!

Make sure you mention any of your favourites in the comments to we can show support and love
on Instagram to turn it into the positive platform it once was.

Also don't forget if you're not already give me a follow @katiemariephillips :)

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