Friday 14 April 2017

Beauty | Base Beauty | Diamond Blender

Make up is always changing and when they beauty blender was first launched we all went crazy. Who knew a little egg shaped sponge could change the way make up was applied?

Recently I've been hearing a lot about the sillicone blenders and discovered Base Beauty. Their new diamond blender has just launched and guess what? It's glittery! Keep reading to read my full thoughts on this new little gem.

My first thoughts were very impressed the packaging is so cute as it came in a little gold pouch and I was very pleased to find that the blender was actually quite squishy. I was worried it would be a bit rigid and hard to blend anything into in the skin but it's great to squash and bend meaning you can use it for literally everything!

I'm a massive fan of the beauty blender but one thing I find is it can absorb a lot of the make up meaning that bottle of foundation doesn't last very long at all. It is a sponge after all so you can see why this happens! I've loved using the new Diamond Blender as I now only need to use a teeny tiny amount of product and it goes a long way.

The most amazing thing about these blenders is they're made from medical-grade, hypoallergenic sillicone which means it can't store any of that nasty bacteria that can cause breakouts. I suffer with problematic skin which is always prone to breakouts so this means I can apply make up without that risk.

Once you've bought one of these blenders you won't have to keep replacing it like you do with the original blenders as with those being sponge you should be replacing them every 3 months. With the Diamond Blender you don't have to worry about that!

I've been applying my primer, foundation and cream concealers with this blender and all I've needed it a quick wipe of a make up wipe in-between and it's back to sparkly clean again. No more standing at the bathroom sink for hours washing all those brushes and sponges! You can use this blender with any cream formula make up which means you'll definitely get the use out of this little tool.

I recommend you use only a small amount of product to make it easier when blending. Apply your product to the blender directly and then use circular motions to move the product around your face. I find then if you dab the product into the skin this makes sure everything is pressed in and then you won't be left with any harsh lines on your face.

I'm massively impressed with this blender and couldn't recommend it enough!

Make sure you give Base Beauty a follow on instagram @wearebasebeauty and use the hashtag #basebeauty

You can purchase your blender at and if you use code KATIE10 you can save 10%

*I was kindly gifted this blender by Base Beauty but as usual all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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