Thursday 2 February 2017

Beauty | The Best Contour and Highlight Products | My Fantastic Four

I thought I'd put together a little updated contour and highlight favourites as it's been a little while!

I've always used a powder contour but recently I've been trying to get into cream contour. I thought this would work better as I use concealers to highlight my face so thought it made sense to use a cream contour.

I've recently been loving the Make Up Revolution HD Pro palette. This contains 7 cream concealers. These can be used to highlight and sculpt the whole face. There is 4 light colours perfect for highlighting under the eyes and under the brow bone. Then there is 3 darker shades 2 of which are more of an ashy shade and 1 more of a deep bronze colour and then the last colour is a banana colour which is great to balance out darker shades under the eyes.

I've been loving the Make Up Revolution range for a while now and before I bought the cream palette I was in love with the HD Pro sculpt & Contour. This is a very similar palette with 4 contour shades, 2 highlight shades, a blush and again a banana powder. With this palette it works well to set the cream palette or I tend to use this over the top for a night out glam as I find it intensifies the colours as I like a very heavy make up look for an evening.

My trusty favourites and perfect for those beginners as I completely understand how scary contour can actually be is the LA Girl Pro conceal. This is a Youtube favourite as it's so cheap! You can get these in a variety of colours from lighter shades to bronzed contour shades and also colour correcting shades. (Look out for a future post of colour correcting!) They are a tube with a brush applicator so these are perfect for on the go or for travelling to save taking numerous palettes away with you. They are also great for precise contouring such as along the nose, lips and around the eyes as the brush is very fine meaning you can get to all those tricky places.

Highlighters are always something you can never have too many of and I'm always on the look out for the next best glow. I am one of those girls who love to highlight from head to toe and I'm not afraid to cake myself in that glow.

My go to highlight palette is the sleek solstice palette. This contains 4 shimmer highlights. 1 cream highlight, a yellow tone, a pink tone and a peach tone. I tend to use the cream highlight first as I find the powder highlight then pops on top of the cream. I use the yellow tone under my brown bone, nose and cupids bow and then I either use the peach tone or the pink tone depending on my mood. They are so pigmented they stand out and I couldn't live without this palette.

If I want a toned down highlight but still want to look glowy I love the Mary Lou Manizer by The Balm. This isn't s pigmented as the sleek palette and not as shimmery but still adds a glow. If I don't want to shimmer through the day this is the perfect alternative as whilst it does have a small amount of glitter it's not as strong so looks very understated.

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