Sunday 29 January 2017

Food | Lean in 15

So I heard a lot of hype around the lean in 15 books and thought I would give them a go and see what I thought. Now I'm definitely not one to diet as I love food and I think it's really important to never cut anything out but to just eat in moderation. A healthy balance is what I live by and actively encourage people to use the same rule I do which is 80/20. I eat healthy 5 days a week and then have the weekend as my treat days so if I want that pizza I will have the pizza!

I'm always trying to work at improving my diet during the week and always looking for simple recipes I can use as I definitely don't have time to be slaving away all day in the kitchen (I wish I did though!) So for me Joe Wick's ethos really caught my attention. Meals that were healthy, fast and using fresh ingredients I was sold. Off I went to the shops and picked up all three books and I can honestly say I've never looked back!

I've always found it quite difficult to find the time to make decent meals that taste amazing but all of his recipes can be made in under 15 minutes (some take a longer prep time but can then be stored in the fridge or frozen) This has made meal prepping so much easier as on a Sunday I make all of my meals for the week (well the ones that need a little bit more time to prepare).

Everything is made using fresh ingredients so I've found I've been eating a lot more fruit and veg and a lot less processed junk which we all know is definitely a good thing. But whilst some people might think ahhh rabbit food you'd be very wrong. There is burgers, pizzas and curries which for me has curbed a lot of take away cravings once and for all!

The dishes in the books don't contain nutritional values which may put some people off but for me I never count calories and never weigh myself as I think we can all become a little obsessed with numbers. So what if you've put 3 pounds on or lost 5 pounds if you feel happy in your body and you know you're eating the right things you will maintain a happy weight and make sure you're eating all of the right things that our body needs.

I can't get enough of these recipes and it seems a lot of you on snapchat have enjoyed seeing the end result so I'll start posting some more blog posts on my must try dishes.

I've also picked up his DVD recently so I'll keep you updated on how I get on with that one haha! Exercise is massively important not just for the health of our bodies but also our mind. I do enjoy workouts and enjoy going to the gym but this will be my first exercise DVD I've ever tried so this will be a very new experience for me.

Let me know you're favourite recipes from the books.

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