Friday 6 January 2017

Beauty | Beauty Advent Calendar | Day Twenty Four

Day Twenty Four

I was super excited when I opened this box as it was another brand I absolutely love and use most days.

Burt's Bees. I love their products. inside was one of their iconic lip balms. Product I buy time and time again as any change in weather my lips take a massive decline. They become dry, cracked and very sore so this is hero product.

It's smells like peppermint and I love peppermint. It smells so fresh and clean - something I love! With this especially if suffering with a cold I find really lifts up my mood and helps so soothe more than one of those nightmare symptoms.

It always so hydrating on my lips and never dries them out even further. I always reach for this lip balm over the winter months.

I got the full size product in this calendar but I think it's an absolute steal at only £4 and of course is one of my hero products that I'll continue to buy over and over again.

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