Friday, 6 January 2017

Beauty | Beauty Advent Calendar | Day Twenty Five

Day Twenty Five

The last box...the last surprise.

Inside box twenty I've was a fragrance. The only one of the countdown and I was pleasantly surprised. It's not normally a fragrance I would go for but I did actually love it. I've used it quite a lot since as it's quite a strong smell, something I do tend to look for when buying a perfume.

It's by Shay & Blue and is their Atropa Belladonna and it smells quite floral but also very sweet as it has vanilla base notes.

It's the perfect day time smell and would be amazing during the summer months.

I've reached for this over a lot of my other perfumes at the moment and I've enjoyed the compliments I've received when walking down the street as with it being a stronger smell it tends to catch peoples attention.

At only £30 for 30ml I'd definitely buy this again.

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