Friday, 6 January 2017

Beauty | Beauty Advent Calendar | Day Twenty Two

Day Twenty Two

I was super excited to open this box. A brand I absolutely love Leighton Denny. I love their nail care and have been dying to try out their crystal file.

I don't know if there was a mistake as when I opened the box I was lucky enough to get two mini files! Absolute bonus.

These nail files are supposed to last 25 years which is absolutely mental and can't wait to start putting it to use on my talons.

These crystal nail files are supposed to be better for your nails as they are so fine they don't snag your nails and so help to keep them looking smooth and encourage them to grow rather than snap off and cause damage.

With them being mini they are ideal to throw in your handbag for nails on the go.

For only £12.50 I think it's an absolute bargain when you think about how long they last for.

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