Friday 6 January 2017

Beauty | Beauty Advent Calendar | Day Twenty

Day Twenty

Inside box twenty was a delicious small tube of M&S sleep cream. 

It smells absolutely divine. So luxurious and smells like some of the best high end products.

It quite a thick gel like cream which I love as there is nothing worse than a runny cream especially as a night cream as I want to coat my skin in a very thick cream to help hydrate over night.

It's a small 15 ml tube but has gone straight in my travel bag ready for a trip away as I think it's the perfect size and saves taking a heavy glass jar of cream away.

It's £22 for 50 ml which I think is quite expensive for night cream but I do think for the smell alone I'd be inclined to splash out a little more especially as I think a night cream is a very important step in a skin care routine and helps to repair your skin as our bodies rest.

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