Sunday 29 January 2017

So I heard a lot of hype around the lean in 15 books and thought I would give them a go and see what I thought. Now I'm definitely not one to diet as I love food and I think it's really important to never cut anything out but to just eat in moderation. A healthy balance is what I live by and actively encourage people to use the same rule I do which is 80/20. I eat healthy 5 days a week and then have the weekend as my treat days so if I want that pizza I will have the pizza!

Wednesday 18 January 2017

Hello and here goes for another year!

I love New Year it's a time to refresh, re-plan and re-organise. I think it's important to take time in January to plan and organise. We all get new calendars and new organisers. I like to plan ahead for the whole year by booking my holidays planning important events and making sure everything is organised.

Friday 6 January 2017

Day Twenty Five

The last box...the last surprise.

Inside box twenty I've was a fragrance. The only one of the countdown and I was pleasantly surprised. It's not normally a fragrance I would go for but I did actually love it. I've used it quite a lot since as it's quite a strong smell, something I do tend to look for when buying a perfume.

It's by Shay & Blue and is their Atropa Belladonna and it smells quite floral but also very sweet as it has vanilla base notes.

Day Twenty Four

I was super excited when I opened this box as it was another brand I absolutely love and use most days.

Burt's Bees. I love their products. inside was one of their iconic lip balms. Product I buy time and time again as any change in weather my lips take a massive decline. They become dry, cracked and very sore so this is hero product.

Day Twenty Three

So in this box was a little miniature Studio 10 miracle effect priming serum.

This is a gel like serum rather than a cream which is more like the products I tend to reach for as I find them less drying on the skin. Which this product is same. With it being gel it tends to hydrate the skin rather than smooth over and dry out. This is perfect for those of us with dry skin.

Day Twenty Two

I was super excited to open this box. A brand I absolutely love Leighton Denny. I love their nail care and have been dying to try out their crystal file.

I don't know if there was a mistake as when I opened the box I was lucky enough to get two mini files! Absolute bonus.

Day Twenty One

I was a little disappointed when I opened this box as the tube inside was super small. I did expect something a little bigger compared to all previous products.

Inside was a PUR correcting primer. I think a primer is super important in helping to create the perfect canvas in order to put your make up onto. This one doesn't let the side down.

Day Twenty

Inside box twenty was a delicious small tube of M&S sleep cream. 

It smells absolutely divine. So luxurious and smells like some of the best high end products.

Day Nineteen

Today we have another hair care product by another brand I've actually already tried out. Percy & Reed. A brand that a lot of my friends can't live without as they say it works miracles for their hair. Me on the other hand I haven't experienced these results. Inside the box is their Wonder Balm which is a leave in balm which helps for when you're styling your hair.

I have really fine hair so when I use balms like these they tend to stick together and form a thick greasy spot in my hair. I find them really thick on my hair and so if you have thicker hair I think they would be much more beneficial.

With that being said I'm still going to give it a try over the next few days and I'll let you all know how I get on as it does smell divine. IT would really give your hair a beautiful waft of fragrance without smelling like a chemical.

It is like a thick gel like texture which does melt between your fingers. I would only use a small amount as it would make your hair greasy.

For 75ml it's £18 but it does offer as a protector as well as a saviour product so for me doubles as two products into a reasonably priced product. With you only using a tiny amount it will go a long way.