Sunday 18 December 2016

Beauty | Beauty Advent Calendar | Day Sixteen

Day Sixteen

Today is hair care and what a brand to open a box from. Philip Kingsley is one of my favourite brands for when I'm on holiday and their Elasticizer is definitely one of my favourites.

I find this really helps my hair when I'm abroad when it's been damaged by the sun and chemicals from the swimming pools. It adds bounce and shine which is perfect for when you're away.

You use it before shampooing and it can be quite sticky texture when put onto your hair but as long as your hair is wet before applying it definitely works magic on your hair. It always add the shine back into my hair, with me having really dark hair this is always something I'm chasing after.

I wouldn't leave the country without this now it's my must have!

For £17 it's a bit of a bargain to help keep those salon results in between visits to the salon.

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