Sunday, 18 December 2016

Beauty | Beauty Advent Calendar | Day Eighteen

Day Eighteen

Another day, another box, another amazing brand. Today is Rituals. Today is a body cream. Something we all can't live without. I'm obsessed with super soft smooth skin and so this is perfect for me.

It's a very thick creamy texture which I prefer I don't like the greasy watery lotions as I find they slide of the skin.

The smell is also divine it's rice milk and cherry blossom which is by far one of my favourite smells. It smells so girly and so expensive I could coat myself in this daily without feeling it's like a chore.

It feels so silky when you apply it to the skin and also leaves the skin feeling that soft as it melts into the skin. The smell also lasts on the skin for hours and every time you move you get a waft of the beautiful cherry blossom.

It helps plump up the skin leaves a much smoother surface to the body.

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