Sunday, 18 December 2016

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Day Seventeen

Another of my favourite brands is Ren and that's what's in todays box. I love their skin care and their products do actually reveal results which is why I like them so much.

I love a day cream and thats what we have here a global protection day cream. You pop it on clean skin under your make up and helps to moisturise and protect the most important part of your body. Your face is subjected to all kinds of weather from the dangerous sun to the harsh winds.

It smells divine and plumps up the skin so to me is the perfect addition to my skin care routine. It helps smooth the skin without feeling cakey and clogged up. I find a lot of day creams on the market can be very greasy and thick which then causes a break out but Ren products have always worked wonders for me and have never caused any issues with my skin and this is because they don't add any scary synthetic ingredients.

It's £28 for 50ml but it lasts for ages so is definitely a bargain price. As I've said before it's so important to spend on skin care and invest in the pieces that really work to create a clear plumped up base for your make up.

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