Sunday 18 December 2016

Beauty | Beauty Advent Calendar | Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen

I was a little surprised in todays box as it was a very small pot of Skyn Iceland eye cream. I know eye cream you only use a small amount but this is a very tiny little pot.

Admittedly I don't use a separate eye cream and I do need to start so this is my perfect excuse to get into the routine.

With these kind of creams you do have to use them for a short while to see the results so I will have to get back to you with the results of this eye cream.

It does have a cooling effect on the skin around your eyes which I absolutely love as I find when I'm tired I get really puffy and sore eyes so a cooling effect really helps to make me feel more normal.

As much as I was disappointed with the size I do think it's a perfect size to use when travelling so I will be keeping this to travel with in the future.

I do understand why they only sent a small amount as it is a very expensive eye cream priced at £38 for 14g.

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