Sunday, 4 December 2016

Beauty | Beauty Advent Calendar | Day Three

Day Three

Sorry I've got to write about day three and four a bit late as I've been away for the weekend but I couldn't wait to get home to see what goodies I'd be opening up.

I was that excited I squealed opening day three as I was so impressed to find a Filorga product in there. I've been wanting to try their products for ages but they are pretty pricey so never justified spending that money to see if I actually like it or not.

I got the Time-Filler. Which is an absolute wrinkle correction cream. Now I'm not going to lie I don't have severe lines and wrinkles but if you do look close they are there. I have always believed it's important to prevent rather than repair so we will see how I get on with this cream.

Obviously I can't give you the results straight away as I think it's important to use products like this for a few weeks before seeing the results but I've got to say I love the texture it's thick but still smooth like velvet doesn't feel cakey like many other anti wrinkle creams out there. It also smells delicious quite sweet but not sickly.

The packaging is also very sleek with a silver tube it looks super expensive and I think a 15ml size tube is a good sample size to be able to try out for a couple of weeks.

For a full size of 30ml it's £29 so again another brilliant product from the calendar.

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