Saturday 17 December 2016

Beauty | Beauty Advent Calendar | Day Ten

Day Ten

Very mixed feelings about today. Super happy to see it's Nails Inc inside but a little bit gutted it's two nail colours next to each other as I've had to remove the other one to try this one out. I'm also a little disappointed they are both very similar colours.

With that being said I'm a massive fan of Nails Inc they are by far my favourite nail brand so I'm so excited to open one of the boxes to find them inside.

This is the colour Piccadilly Court which like yesterday is deep plum colour but today is just the bold colour with no iridescent.

Nails Inc do the best gel one coat polish's and this is one of those. When they say one coat they really mean one coat which is perfect if you're on the go constantly like me.

The brand is always so amazing at adding those extra ingredients in to help keep our nails in the best shape and do some amazing colours in their Kale Range but this one has biotin with cranberry. I think it's really important to add those ingredients in as sometimes a polish can strip your nails rather than nourish them but you know you can always rely on Nails Inc to help restore those nails back to full beauty again!

This is a limited edition colour especially for the advent calendar so I'm afraid I can't find it for sale but these retail at £13 each so again this being a full size is amazing value.

Find other colours from the range here

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