Wednesday 7 December 2016

Beauty | Beauty Advent Calendar | Day Seven

Yeah Day Seven

I'm not going to lie I was a little bit shocked when I first opened the box to find sun protection but when the initial shock had disappeared I started to think actually I'm sure we're all pretty guilty of only using sun cream when we believe it's sunny yet actually the sun can still damage our sun throughout the winter months too.

This sun protection from Ultrasun is perfect for me as it's for very sensitive skin and I do sometimes suffer when using sun cream normally as I find it blocks my pores or can also cause an allergic reaction which is both painful and not pretty.

It's a factor 30 which is the only level of SPF I wear as I believe we should look after our skin knowing how dangerous the sun can be.

It's designed specifically for the face so is a fairly thin consistency so it won't cause any spots of clogging of pores.

This tube is the perfect size to pop in my make up bag with it being 25ml so this will definitely encourage me to pop it under my make up no matter of the weather.

It's a lovely creamy consistency but doesn't feel heavy like it's going to cause a breakout.

At £20 for 50ml it is a little pricy but for me I don't think you can ever put a price on protection.

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