Sunday 4 December 2016

Beauty | Beauty Advent Calendar | Day Four

Day Four

Today I was super excited to see in todays box was a make up item as much as I love skin care I was dying to try some new make up and Marks and Spencer didn't disappoint.

We all know I'm pretty brow obsessed and always on the lookout for the next product to keep my brows on fleek. 

So today I opened up a brow tamer gel by Pixi. Not just anyone but Pixi. I love their products so I was excited to try this one.

I've used a few brow tamers now and find them to be too sticky and un natural on my face. This one goes on quite wet but they dries and doesn't feel sticky for the rest of the day. It's comfortable to wear and really helps to keep my brows tame and in place all day.

I love that it's clear so you can avoid any extra colour and the brush is a perfect size to run across the whole brow.

I love the packaging and you can tell it's Pixi without even reading the tube with their signature green packaging. To me if a brand pays attention to their packaging it means they've paid attention to their product.

It's a 4.5ml tube but I think this will last a very long time! This is also a full sized product that should be £12 so already we've got our money back with this calendar.

It's been that good today I've felt comfortable enough to just tame my brows with this miracle product and not needed to fill them in as it's kept those stray hairs exactly where they should be!

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