Monday, 5 December 2016

Beauty | Beauty Advent Calendar | Day Five

Day Five

Today is a heavy box so what could it be.....

Hair care! Finally my hair is need of some love. With all of the air con/heating cold weather and Christmas parties happening my hair has started to give up on me.

I love a good hair oil as I find they are a quick pick me up and help to fix my sorry looking hair.

I've heard a lot about Josh Wood so was excited to smother this oil in my hair and WOW. It's like a miracle in a bottle it helped ease all of the damage and smooth and soften even the most tired and dull looking hair.

The perfect start to a Monday. My hair has never looked so healthy.

This is an oil so you do have to be careful with how much you use to avoid the slicked back look. But my top tip is to put it all over your hair over night. Tie your hair up and wash the following day leaving the oils in overnight to work their magic.

I also like to in-between washes add a couple of drops to the ends to refresh those frazzled ends.

This Josh Woods oil is a miracle in a bottle but I also like the fact it uses a dropper so you don't use too much product. This also means this 28ml bottle will last me the whole way through these winter months YAY!

This also smells like a high end salon. Not the usual artificial smell from most hair care.

I feel like I've just walked straight out of a London high end salon and who doesn't want to feel like that on a Monday?

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